Friday, May 24, 2013

Yesterday - rain

Hot and humid,
My option was so wrong specially because I was not expecting rain at all!
Dress - Loft {mom's gift, love that it has pockets!}
All rest - JCrew
Close up of these cute little cats :-)
I don't have too many pink clothes, but I love the color. 
No umbrellas and walking home,
The rain catches us on the way!
In this case the solution was to get in at Pizza Palace and EAT !
They love rainy days.- LOL.


  1. Uh, duh....I forgot about wearing my neon azalea Ceces with the cat print dress. Thanks, Andrea!

    1. Isn't a cute dress Gigi?! I loved i! This Ceces in neon azalea is just perfect! :o)


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