Monday, March 18, 2013


There I went to check some goodies at my local Gap store:
size small.
long but lovely!
Size small
I love this dress first time lay my eyes on it online,
but I didn't get to excited with it irl.
may is the color...white,
also available in blue (check Gigi review here),
and in floral.
Size small in white.
Love this dress,
similar to last year version that I have in blue
cute detail on chest.
they didn't have the size 4 ( I tried it before and felt it was the right size),
but I got surprise that the size 2 fits well,
not looking to tight everywhere.
I ended exchange my striped knit moto jacket - view here
for this one.
I do like the moto jacket, 
but maybe because it is unlined,
 if I want to throw over any tee or shirt it will grab on my sleeves and the color was been an issue for me to leave it in place.
I felt a bit sloppy looking after I bought it,
and this blazer felt a bit more in place keeping a crispy looking on my opinion.
Check it on Gigi here.
I was looking for something like the maritime blazer (I tried it yesterday -pictures to come- and I didn't like it on me).
I'd prefer the thin lines against this thick one in navy,
but for me this Gap blazer give me a better "put together" look (I just exchanged it today for the size 4 I found in another store, which makes me feel more comfortable).
Both has long sleeves (even size 2 is very long,
but after all I really like them.
Worth the $ after the 30% off  - GAPFRIENDS code - extended until today 03/18/13.

and for last,
All J.Crew minus Sexy Boyfriend jeans - Gap ($20 in stores)/ scarf - Anthropologie.
love this jeans!
and to finish my day,
a quick stop at La Guly pastry,
check bellow the damage:

This one was mine :o)
Have you all a lovely Monday!


  1. Andrea, The ponte blazer looks reaaly sharp! I think I like this look better, too.

    Raspberries are my favorite! Yum! So glad you showed them last, to help chase the vision of Mr. Choco Mouse, and all his imagined deliciousness, from my mind. This is reallly the worst time for me to show resistance to chocolate, lady! ;)

    Thanks for sharing! Kitty cats and pintucks...I'm off to the website...

  2. Hi Andrea...great minds think alike...I was at Gap last week too for their 30 percent off sale. Found a few nice pieces but I haven't posted the pics yet. The striped blazer looks very nice on you. And having a sweet treat is a nice way to end a shopping day...I'm hoping I can take a break from my strict diet to have a special treat myself. Enjoy your evening.


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