Sunday, October 14, 2012


Recent visit to the B&M: 
 color nut, TTS and super comfy!I really like it!
$159.99 in-store

 pants -  cafe capri in silky dot , size 2, much better fit then size 4 (sim here), $79.99; 
top - Perfect shirt  in Aegean Plaid, size 4 (forgot this was a perfect shirt, need a size 6) is too small, aegean sea color, $49.99 in-store.
So cute Justvisiting!
 Excursion quilted vest - XS (nice length for me, but tight in my chest as you can see), dark navy, $110.
 size SMALL (much better in the chest), warm bisque (backorder to November online), $110.
Ordered both colors with the 25% off promo +,
before I have a chance to check it in store. 
 After seen it irl, I'm not sure I "love" this color for me.
I have it in white color (sim here and here) which I love it, and I think I can wear it in the same way as the bisque, what do you think?
bag - Invitation clutch in dot, black, $59.99 in-store.
Love this clutch, so fun!
 I was planing to buy it, but changed my mind at the cashier, and took the popover in polka dot bellow. Also,
I will have a lot of wear of the Tillary purse (that converts in a clutch as well, and I bought it a few weeks ago in brillant purple), but if it was $39.99 I had taken it home :P
(I'll wait...)
Jacquard dot popover, size 4, naples blue, $49.99 in store.
Love it!
dress -  Jules dress in colorblock, size 4, festival blue navy, $49.99 in store
(sorry, I was too lazy to take the pants off :(
Nice dress,silk is very soft,  feels a bit longer than mine in fanfare print, on-seam pockets, but I like better the on-sem hidden pockets in the front.
and my OOTD:
All J.Crew.
 I don't have the leopard calf print flats/loafers, so the Tortoise ballet flats took place!
An this is what I have been making...
 Pumpkin chocolate chip mini muffins.

 for my son's birthday,
and his classmates.
They loved this cake in a jar,
and my little man was so proud of me :o)

 and here my recent best scores:
Tops -  Colorblock top, size 4, color portabello mushroom (such a surprise because I never tried this top before), the fit is great, TTS;
-  Blythe blouse in dot, size 4, " color something" graphite (sim here), seems to be sold out at $89.99 before %.
Love it!
$23 each after promo % fnal sale.
If you are between go with your smaller size for both tops.

Have you score some goodies lately?


  1. Thank you Andrea for your reviews,they are the best!
    Love the dot popover on you and what acute OOTD.
    Which of the excursion vest are you going to keep?

    Have a great sunday!

    1. You are very sweet, thank you Ina! I might keep the navy, and maybe I can grab the herringbone vest later...I think the white one I have is too close to the Bisque color, and I love my white! The bisque is not too "wow" the way I thoughtit was when I saw it online. I still like it a lot, but maybe just not for me :-(

  2. Once again I love your OOTD, so cute! I have the white excursion vest too and love it and I also tried on the bisque and thought the same, why wouldn't I just wear the white. My husband thinks the bisque color does nothing for me, I think it's the color of dirt :P But! The only reason I'm still thinking about bisque is I always bring a down vest with me when I travel to keep in my handbag. Bisque goes with everything and would not stand out as much as white. There are times when I want to be subtle. ;)

    1. Thank Tiffany! You just read my mind :o)
      The Bisque color doesn't do anything for me also, but I would be happy to grab it in a super sale...:P

  3. Love all of these reviews! I am seriously thinking of the aegean button down now!

    What a great mom! I want one of those cakes!

    1. Tank you VMM! The shirt is very nice, just forgot to ask for the right size :P
      I love to cook and there is so much to make in these little jars, that I start my experiments with my boys, they love it! :o)

  4. Ooh, I really like your ootd!! I like the navy vest w/the aegean plaid, and agree you probably don't need bisque if you have white. Unless you change your mind. :). Thanks for all the reviews! You sure were busy!

    1. Thank you my dear friend! I will cancel the Bisque, I think I'll be ok good with my white excursion! Kitchen is been busy lately for me :o)


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