Thursday, October 25, 2012

Autumn's Glow

"There is something about autumn
That brings out such earthiness
Gold leaves adorn bushes and trees
Like an artist with a brilliant brush
Once the leaves dry on the trees
Then the wind begins to blow
It’s a special time of year for me
Because I love autumn so
The cold dry air it seems
Prepare the leaves to fall Mother Nature’s special time
Yes, it’s the best of all
What a dazzling way to end
The year as winter nears
The way leaves let loose
And dropp like nature’s tears
Oh yes, I love those golden days
Dreamy with autumn’s glow
It makes me smile because I do
Love the season of autumn so!"
-Marilyn Lott-

Astoria - NY
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Beautiful. And I love red shoes. I'm still looking for the end of summer, it will be in the high 80s this weekend. :(

    1. Yes Tiffany, Fall is so beautiful as red shoes :o) We are getting 70s and low, very nice!


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