Sunday, October 28, 2012

candied cherry

Relaxing with my boys,
another polka dot day from last week!

Patchwork skirt girl tee-Loft; pants-Zara; jewelry-Jcrew;
And a new vest:
Excursion quilted vest in candied cherry,
 from last year via another JCA.
love this bracelet, and flats.
My little doggie takes his time,
and guide me,
while I take pictures,
 to show you how pretty this red is on sunlight :o)
 another polka dot tee to my closet:
$29.99 (online)
Last week was beautiful around the city with leaves and faling,
and nice weather.

Hopefully we will pass "Sandy" without much demage.
Wishing you all a safe weekend!


  1. You have on those cute polka dot flats again! The red excursion vest is back this year, yay, because I tried to get it in my size last year but it sold out. I must order, it is so cute and I want that polka dot tee too.

    Funny picture with your little doggie, it made me smile. :)

    1. Thank you! I wore my flats 3 times last week, and this happened just because I was able to broke it in, making it so comfy! I'm very pleased with this red vest, I tried in stores but wasn't sure, now I sew so many items in my closet that goes very well with this vest! my dog is so funny and spoiled, he doesn't hurry when is time for his walkm:-) getting old faster than I want to:/ love him!

  2. Love the cherry red vest on you!
    i think i need more polka dots in my life:).

    1. Thank you! I love polka dots and this year I'm getting even more, my closet is happy like me :-) you will love the invitation clutch in dot, goes with almost everything!

  3. What a cute outfit! Hope you don't mind being called cute. ;) The candied cherry color is a very pretty red, and your neighborhood looks so cozy with autumn leaves all around. If Sandy hits hard enough, she'll blow the beautiful leaves off the trees. :( I guess it would be nice if that's all she does. The news just said the NY Stock Exchange is shut down today for the first time in thirty years! They're really expecting the worst! Stay safe!!

    1. I don't mind at all, thank you my friend! This red was an unexpected color, tried last year to "beoyndtheblue" and I liked it, but thought I'd not wear much, but I have tons of clothes that goes with!
      It's so pretty out, and it all be gone after Sandy for sure, really praying that this will be the only bad thing she does to us! It's very scary the news, but I think what they are doing -closing the Stock exchange- is the right thing, we must to expect the worse and take everything and everyone out of the risk, even it turns out in a heavy wind. Stay safe too!


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