Tuesday, July 31, 2012

fitting room & OOTD

Last weekend,
I had a little time to myself,
I made to the fitting room!
All new,
and tops for now:
size 4
 love it!
TTS, and it fits beautifuly (after steamed!:o).
size 4
But I prefer the one bellow: 
Size 6
TTS imo, nice plaid color combination.
Love it!
nice and TTS,
very soft cotton.
love, love, love it! 
I also was very excited to check the Tippi i this color bellow:
color is more deep red irl,
navy burgundy.
I like it,
but the love is bellow:
I don't know why, 
but this clor fits better and in place imo.
It may be just one ordinary Tippi,
I will need to try another ones before buying :o)
I see a lot of wear in tis color carbon sandstone.
love, love, love it!
vintage champagne.
It's ok, 
I don't love the feeling of he fabric.
I'd consider it on sale,
I just don't need anything like that right now.
 the downtown field jacket - $148,
TTS imo for this year version, nver tried the ones from last year or so.
color mossy brown.
I love the navy as well, 
but I have others navy jackets and I don't own ay in this ton of green.
Love it!
 Perfect fit colorblock tee in natural black - $39.50,
small and TTS.
love it!

 And last,
but not least:
 the Panama hat,
color natural
color white.
I forgot to check sizes, but it seems the white is small than the Natural,
probably not the same size :-(
I can't decide which one I like more :P
what do you think?! 
What is your favorite color on this beautiful hat?!

 All Jcrew

Have you check the B&M store for te new arrivals?!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I loved the blythe is the polka dot, too. It washed me out, though I think putting it under a blazer would fix that! I also tried on the optic blouse this weekend and it did not do a thing for me at all, although I am sure it will look lovely on others!

    I did not try on the downtown, though wish I did! It was not on the list! sigh..

    1. The Blythe washed me out a bit as well, but is very chic and classic, and you are right about a blazer or a nice pair of pants and jewelry would fix that! The fit is great, but I own a few silk shirts that needs more love from me so this one only in a huge sale!
      The optic was love at first look, no the same irl...I won't get much wear with this, but many others will! The downtown jacket is in my list for a long time, but I always put something at front. Hopefully it can make to sale and I can grab one! :o)

  2. Thanks for the great reviews,they help so much!

    What do you think of the downtown fieldjacket,do you think i could size one up without it beeing to roomy?

    1. Thanks Ina, I think you should get your normal size in JC jackets, I believe you are XS right?!
      This is a light jacket, and I believe I can wear it over a honeycomb sweater (not sure, need to try it with any sweater in store), if you size up it will be box and long on the arms, also it is not a soft fabric and it seems to be in shape so more "hard"?!, I don't know if I make any sense :-( For you to have some idea my chest is 35 so if you know your measuarments I sugest you to call CS to make sure you get some room in your regular size, but not to much roomy! A sweater over the tee I'm wearing with the jacket will make it more fitted because the feel on shoulders are good when the jacket is zippered up!

  3. Thanks for your reviews! You look great in everything. I tried the same things yesterday (plus a few others!) and loved just about everything. Didn't care for the fabric on the new rugby striped top, though--stiff and scratchy. Both hats look good on you--not sure which color I like better--I like both! The natural might be "easier" to wear?? Hope you're having a great summer! xx

    1. Thanks Kitty, you are very sweet!
      I liked almost everything, just need to go after the pants now to make sure I LOVE almos 99% of my huge $$$ wish list! LOL
      I like both hats too, I have a few in natural colors and I agree with you about it been easy to wear, but I was wearing a white shorts making the "white" on look nicer :P Need to try a few more times...
      Our Summer is hot but great, trying to keep myself active, but I'm craving sweets more than ever! What about you?!

  4. Thanks for the reviews! I agree that you look great in everything! I have a white panama hat from Madewell that I bought last year and love it, so I am partial to the white one at J.Crew. :)

    1. Thank you FFM, you are alo very generous with me!
      I love both hats too, but I'm towards the white one for some reason, need to try a few more times, love the one from MD as well, thanks for the imput! :o)

  5. Now the Port of Call is really talking to me! I want your whole Port of Call outfit. All of the items look nice on you. The color of the boyshirt in plaid looks better in your irl than on JC's site. Turquoise doesn't work on me but maybe this shirt has enough blue it might work. As far as the hat, I like the natural shade better, if I had to pick one.
    Thanks for your pic's & reviews!!

    1. Thank you my friend! The Port of call is a very nice sweatshirt, calling my name all loud too! LOL
      The boyshirt is not as bright as in the JC's site, I really like it irl and the color is perfect,I'm sure you will enjoy it too! :o)
      I'm still thinking about the Panama, and I'd love some extra % in acessories as tops, just need more time to prepare myself for any extra % :P

  6. I want Blythe in polka dots, it's on my wish list. love it!

    1. me too! But this price needs to break in half, otherwise it will break ME in half! LOL

  7. I love the casual cool way you wear clothes. The hat looks really good on you. Both are nice, I think I like the white a little better.

    1. Thank you Rose! I'm towards the white too, even my DH prefering the natural on :-P


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