Friday, February 17, 2012

strolling with my mother

There I go again ...
 just checking what is new for Spring:-)
 Like both, $35

 I loved it!
In green as well, 
 a good substitute for the Jackie pullover imo.
size 4
 I likey it :-)
I think the next dress is in-store only,
I can't find it online, 
the fit is good, thin fabric.
size Small
 Now, I love this
Sze Xsmall/Small
 Oversized fit, 
and it has pockets!
with the same scarf that was in the manequin,
and shorts
 I'd buy the all outfit!
Also comes in stripe...hummmm....
Size 4 - sorry, but I was too lazy to take the tights off :-(
Love the fit, and the green color as well,
but the yellow is my 1st choice.

pit stop at J.Crew
on sale in store an online $70
(30%off online with promo SHOPNOW)
Size Small, fits TTS
Speaking bout animals...
Have you seen this little fella in-store?
 Another cute little turtle necklace
(forgot to take a pic of the style#), 
$55 (not so sure)
Close up:
another picture
this time with my little turtle necklace to a comparison
 Which one do you like more?
I'm very happy with mine :-)
And look what I found,
 in a shy session of sale:
in red, beautiful color!
And this picture is for you
now I know why you so in love with it!
I found only one in size small,
 it's finally on sale in-store, but no promo going on :-(
but hey, we never know...
and it is was on hold for you!
Next is the colorblocked tee:
size XSmall
on my wishlist,
unfortunatly already s/o in my size,
online nd in-store:-(
And for last,
my OOTD:

 Simple, but the scarf add nice touch of color
and I forgot it in the car.
Have you all a wonderful day!


  1. Loved the 2 LOFT dresses on you! Your turtle pendant is cuter. I saw the other one on sale for $19.99 but I didn't think it was special enough. I am quite pleased with my new Madewell jewelry (check out my blog for pics).

    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Super cute spring items. I really love the dresses too. Why can't JC get the length right?

    Both turtles are cute! What a nice person you are too hold the vest for btb.

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Rose- thank you! I really like little animals as jewelry, and I'm in love Madewell new arrivals! They are opening a store right next door my face JC, I can't wait to check it out!
    Love your blog! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  4. Just visiting-I love the dresses too, and I agreed with you about the length on JC dresses, I didnt known when they will fix that. When I saw the red vest I thought about her, we have being talking about some items, and i didnt think twice to asked them to hold it for her ;-)
    Thanks for stopping by, I love the little turtles! :-)


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