Thursday, May 17, 2012

wilder + linen ruffle

Wow, today is sunny and beautiful!
Wilde dress, Small
Linen ruffle cardigan, Small
Mocs, size 8
and jewelry all J.Crew

Love this Mocs! Old...via eBay :-)
I apologize for the bra I'm wearing, 
not the right one for this dress,
but in a hurry for the gym I got the first one I saw!

Wilder dress with the Converse JP,
my first choise un my set,
the mocs fits better in my gym/beach/bag.

And to finish this post,
the favorite time ever,
ice time!
Have a beautifl day!


  1. you look very summery!
    the weather has been cold and rainy here for the whole week, i am so jealous.
    what cute boys you have!!

  2. I did not set a nose out today- my eldest got a stomach flu, so we are house trapped. You look positively summery, enjoy your weekend with boys!

  3. I love the converse with that look. I can definitely see myself in that this summer!


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