Sunday, May 6, 2012


Saturday afternoon,
Fleurette pencil skirt, size 6
Vintage cotton lace tee, small
Notched denim belt, small
Jewelry, J.Crew 

Converse Jack Purcell here.

After I saw My4Boys wearing her hair in a sock bun here
I also wanted to try!
 And you can believe that there has a sock in my hair!
 I love a bun, 
and I still had not seen the result ,
until I asked my "camera man - DH" to take this photo for me :-)
I likey it!
Check out "the other emily" how to do it!

The weather got chilly,
Jacket, J.Crew
And because of the weather...
 I did something deliciously bad :-P
We have a tiny greek bakery near to our house that make a delicious cookie.
Have you ever tried almond horns cookies?
They are really delicious, 
crunchy on the outside, 
shaped like a "U" 
covered with sliced almonds on the outside,
Oh boy, 
so taste and probably a caloric bomb,
thanks to the  almond paste,
I got a few moments of pure happiness!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Love the fleurette skirt on you! Nice casual outfit.

    1. Thank you! I hope I can wear more this skirt this Summer, I got it on eBay last Fall. Love this print!

  2. What a darling outfit! I can't believe you made the bun in your hair with a makes me wish I had longer hair so I could give it a try! :)
    And wow, the almond horns look delish! I love just about anything with almonds...yum!

    1. Thank you my dear friend! I got a brown sock from DH after seen the video "how to make it" :-P
      And this almond horns is to die for! So goood! I will find recipe with low sugar for us ;-)

  3. I remember this print, I have the shorts- it's really cure. You paired it nicely with whites. Your hair bun is so pretty, I fell bad I cut my hair and can't copy.

    1. I wish I had gotten the shorts when I had chance. I believe you can make this bun in your hair, it is not too short. The girl in the video doesn't have long hair :o) Try it!


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