Sunday, May 27, 2012

factory visit...

The weather was good to go fishing,
and there we went, 
me and my boys to Bear Mountain in Upstate-NY.
Coincidentally the Outlet is right "next exit", 
actually close to Walmart (where we always go to buy warms),
so they dropped me off at the Outlet...and the damage was set!
Central Valley-NY.
 Take a pick
 2 more colors for the 
all 20% off,,
maybe next promo :o)
 So many tanks in cute colors!
Just got me the black color.
 I really want this jacket, forgot to try it on,
but is was only 30%off
 More Jericho bags...all  these were 50% off!
This one is a nice bag,
nice price too!
$128 - $ 64 - 20% off coupon...
what do you think?
bellow is the Clarance section,
 so messy that I could not even look!
Sorry, I don't know about you, 
but when I see a lot stuff like that I get agitated,
so I can't find anything as I were blind :-(
So I passed it.
Just found one Amie dress somewhere that was on clearance,
all clearance was with an additional 40%off.
size small
$54.50 - 50%off = $27.25 in-store
- 20%off coupon =  $21.80
Love it! It is striped with white and red.
Matches the bag:
50% off in-store
+ 20%off coupon= $39.20
Love it!
I found the last green,
and there was only 3 blues available.
 Thandie sweater in solid color,
size small,
$49.50-$24.75 - 20% coupon=$19.80.
lightweight, thin and nice fit!
I compare this as the Tippi sweater in linen
more colors available in store as white, lavander and beige.
Love the green as well (didn't see it in modern red), but I have something similar.
 I don't see this color online,
but I love it and I think it will go great with my Blossom dress in royal paisley here; also with the No. 2 pencil skirt in royal paisley.
This is a mini skirt in brownstone print, $59
size 6,
runs TTS to big,
and it was 40%off.
SO cute!
 Factory long-sleeve maritime boatneck tee, $55 - $44 ($10 off) - 20%off coupon
size small
 It is definitely big, 
so you might need to size down on this one.
size Xsmall,
 Only one side with the zipper,
it is thin than the Maritime dress, but still a substantial cotton.
Very nice for Summer evenings:-)
 navy and white,
size xsmall.
 Oh my Goodness, I love navy and when it is stripe...ohhh!
But I would take the other blue (royal blue maybe?) to add another blue ton to my stripe collection :-)
I forgot to grab the orange to the fitting room :-(
I 'd buy multiples on this tee in a huge sale :o)
 Factory V-neck Chevron Maxidress, $80 - $47.70 (40% off) 
- 20% coupon.
size small
as you can see,
 this is not good for busty gals like me :P
I tried many time the small and Xsmall from the retail and could not find a way to buy it even for $13.99! ($19.99 -30%off FS)
 so it is a pass for me :-(
In the other hand,
I love the Amie Maxidress, do you?
I have the stripe one and I LOVE it!
 this is a medium,
it is on clearance - 40% off
Great final price if I could find it on my size :P
 $59.50 - $35.70 -  20% coupon = $28.56
 Size small, 
love the print and it is TTS imo.
Nice cotton, very soft :o)
Size 6
Very stretch, nice fabric and it runs big?, I think the size 4 would be a better fit, the same way as the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Royal Paisley fits me.
 Love the print,it looks red on the picture, but it is actually orange,
 love the cotton,
and everything about it!
once again,
size 6 and a bit big,
size down or go to your small size if you are in between sizes :o)

Factory paisley short, $ 49.50 - $29.70-20% off = $24

size 4 i  dark pumpkin color 
TTS but I don't like the fit and I felt it too short  for me :-(

Size 6,
$84.50 - $54.97 - 40%off clearance = $33
- 20% off coupon= $27
TTS imo,
 it has stretch which I'm not sure the retail is made with stretch,
but I like the fabric, it is well made and in a nice price right now!
 love the embroidered on the skirt!
$42 (40%off) -  20% off coupon
size 4
I love the Skimmer pants, 
but in this print is a pass for me,maybe in the Bermuda or the mini skirt,
love the print!
And the last but not the least,

 love the print,
it is not leather,
fits TTS.
 it would you be a great addition with the extra 20% off coupon.
$ 57,
if it wasn't so high behind, making the elastic, which makes the finish of the shoe, hurts and possibly it will create a bubble with  the wear.
 so sad,
I went to the store to buy this cutie with my 20% off $125 coupon,
and it was the only item from the hold I didn't buy.
And this is my bag with all the goodies :o)
I ended buying the Thandie in stripe and the yellow, the Perfect shirt in Printed cotton, the tank top in black, the Classic Bermuda short, size 4 in mint color (store only?,
-$21.36 (after promos, that I grabbed it on my way to the cashier)
 a little bit of the outlet,
in my way to the Coach Factory,
AX put some bags outside on tables.
 Always a big line to get in the Coach factory,
it looks like they were giving bags for free inside,
but not,
it was just insane crowd!

And wishing you all are having a relaxing Memorial weekend,
 a song that is been a hit in Brazil,
what they call as "foró" in a nice adaptation,
even my boys are singing the "tchu tcha tcha"!!!


  1. Great reviews, thanks! My back ordered royal paisley skirt finally shipped but I think it'll be too big. Hopefully they'll have my size in the store. I am a big fan of the Amie Maxi Dress too. Something about it just works on everyone ;)

    1. Thank you! Sorry on take so long to reply, but I want to tell you that you look gorgeous, and you should size down on this skirt :o)

  2. Wow! What awesome reviews! Glad you liked the Jericho pursette. :)

    1. I LOVE this little (not so little!) pursette! I wore the green last weekend and it is so light, fits all my needs on these days that we only want to enjoy the city and places :o) Thnx for sharing the price!!! Lve it more! LOL

  3. Thanks so much for the reviews! I wanted to place an order on a few of the items you tried on earlier but couldn't decide. Wish there is a outlet closeby. The prices are so much better than online! You got some excellent deals there!

    1. I agreed with you, if I had a store near by would be much easier, thats why I take a chance once in while we go fishing, and this happens most on Summer time :P Thanks for stopping by!


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