Friday, May 11, 2012

ultra eyelet

I know many of you tried this skirt before,
I didn't have done it yet (only the mini version here)
and I have to confess...
 I'm in love!
Its a bit tight on my waist (I don't have one :-(,
but I think size 6 would be a  unecessary extra fabric on my hips,
and too long.
 The color is stunning!
What can I say...beautiful :-)
I also was able to try the
Size 29
I sized up 2 sizes,
 as the PS suggested.

And my OOTD

Once again all J.Crew!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love your ootd! :o)
    I have the eyelet pencil in chili size 4 too! and like yours its a bit tighter than my other pencils in the same size. But I agree I don't need the extra fabric in the hips...sounds like we have the same shape. :o)

    1. Thank you :o) I looove this skirt, and I thought I wouldn't!I wish I had your waist! LOL

  2. The Eyelet skirt in chili is very pretty on you and doesn't look snug at all! Of course your OOTD is the striped shirt with the springy green pants! :)

    1. Thank you my dear friend! The color is so pretty irl! It feels snug, but not too bad :o)

  3. Hi, A! I have this skirt, too, and just love it! It looks great on you! I had to go up 2 sizes on the ankle zipper toothpicks also when I tried them. Love your OOTD, too! Hope you're doing well! xx

    1. Thank you A! This skirt is lovely! I like the toothpicks, but only in a huge
      I'm doing fine, just cheching everything again this month..:-P What about you? Did you get sme weight?!

  4. 1) love the eyelet skirt- so pretty
    2) ditto on toothpick sizing- had to do the same

    1. You are right, this skirt is beautiful! And the pants, I love the color mint!


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