Friday, May 25, 2012

last weekend + Hall & Oates

but is taking me a week or so to post some pictures,
 and blog about it.
:-( thecnical issues.
But hold on in your seats,
because this is going to be long....
From last Saturday at Rockfeller Center:
Stripe ballet flats, $138 - $99.99 online
 $79.99 in store
Cute and TTS,
 super comfortable!
size small
Blue grotto,
beautiful color! 
I confess I didn't expect to like this blue that much,
I was after the white (love everything in white!)
but I'll consider this color for sure! 
a little boxy and it might be short for the tall gals.
 very well made, 
I really like it!!!
Size 2,
TTS to big, I'm usually size 4
Sailor Shorts?, size 4
forgot to take a pic of the tag and price :-(
I can't find it online.
Size small
TTS, love it!
 Bennett chino, $79.50
$59.99 some colors in store,
size 4,
I don't know the mane of this color, 
but it is kind of coral, pretty color.

Scout Chino ,  $70
Size 4
Color mint
Cute! TTS
Size small,
TTS to big...I personaly don't love.
It's ok for a Summer evening.
  • Sailor boatneck tee, $45
  • navy ivory,
  • Nice tee, 
  • not thin and more fitted in the arms in a good way.
  • It might be short for some taller gals!
And more,
from some other day...
I really like it, but I prefer the 
 As you can see, 
I'm a busty gal and buttons aways want to open free!
 Long roll-up sleeves
Tessa top, $88
size 4 and color Flax.
 hgo with your regular/smaller size in JC tops, 
what can I, love, love!
 Old sweater,
forgot the name and price, 
maybe $19.99
 size XS

 Jewelry J.Crew,
Shoes, J.Crew
Tillary Canvas Tote, J.Crew
 Some nice pics of NYC
 Love this bakery!
 Love this city!
Last Sunday we had a Hall & Oates Concert,
at Brooklyn's Prospect Park, NY.
The day was just beautiful!

 We got a good spot.
 Love Saxophone!
 I love Hall&Oates,
DO you like them?!
 and finally we got closer,
at VIP section :o)

 Happiness for me and DH!
We had a blast,
 and it got sweet on the end:
  delishes sandwiches ice cream=trouble ahead!!
 From local Melt Bakery,
Peanut butter cookie and banana ice cream,
 Red velvet cookie with cream cheese ice cream!
And it could get even better...
to come back home in this pretty baby bellow:
For last,
but not least,
one of many attempts to make a cool video,
 but as I was already in the VIP wing,
and very close to the speakers, the saund my be very loud.
Forgive me for not being able to stop all the time
or any time at all,
but I was dancing while recording!
Enjoy it!
Happy Labor Day weekend!!!


  1. you are doing the best reviews!
    it is so helpful for us who cant dont have a store to go to.
    what did you think ofv the keeper chambray shirt?
    have a great memorial day!

  2. Such nice outfits every one you tried, I especially love the ring-around eyelet top with the porcelain paisley skirt. And what a fun and exciting and yummy day in NYC, thanks for sharing the experience!


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