Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Scalloped - Friday

Doctor's visit = pit stop at B&M
 That's TTS, cute shorts.
I confess that I hoped that it was a little longer. 
The white of my legs is scaring me, perhaps making the shorts shorter than it actually is?!?! 
Close up of the eyelet.

I also tried the Scout Chino,
the photos bellow are for you guys have an idea of ​​the color.

 Scout Chino,  mint color.
Unfortunately they had no size 4and I'm wearing a size 2so had no way tobeat the entire picture
but I can say it is TTS.


 Boatneck popover, Xsmall

my luck charm!
  • Asymmetric Skirt, Small
  • Zara (Love it, and it has pockets!)
  • My oldest son told me that when I walked back and forth
  • I looked like a princess with that skirt,
  • ohhh ... I earned my day! :-D
    From now on
  • I'll wear this skirt at least one day a week, 
  • and will always be the princess of the week!
  • I found this one bellow,
  •  another option for this "princess skirt":
  • $118
    Morning aqua
Have all the princesses of the week
a wonderful day!


  1. Andrea, this is the cutest elephant ever!!!!! I am obsessed for the animals jewelry!!!!

    1. Yes, it is! My mom gave it to me on her last visit :-) so it's double luck! I love it!

  2. I love the skirt, so flowy and think you can dress up or down with it. Your son is so sweet, must have made your day! I got the mint color scout chino. Love it as I can pretty much wear it with anything. Hope you will find your size soon!

    1. Thank you! The skirt is very flowy, and I can't wait to wear it with sneakers :-) I forgot to tell that I LOVE the Scout chino in mint! I have several of this chinos, and this color is so pretty as the skirt! I can't believe they were almost sold out of it! Thanks for stopping by :o)

  3. I love the shorts but they would need to be much longer for me to consider them. And I also hate the start of the season for shorts when it seems I glow in the dark. ;)

    You must wear that skirt often! It's wonderful when something makes you feel like a princess. Very pretty!

  4. I was wondering about shorts- glad you posted, they are lovely. I am going to work out a lot and maybe will tone my legs enough to wear them one day, lol!


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