Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Lace for weekend

The weather is being so nice and warm, that I'm taking advantage to wear some pretty dresses that I didn't have a chance to debut!
So I dedicated last weekend for the lace style, and Saturday was to Lisa from Respect the shoes blog :-).
I love so much this dress on her, and the way she styles that I could not resist to copy-cat!
The day was beautiful and sunny, and because we were going to walk a lot, I opteded for flat shoes.
I also had some time for myself at the salon doing manicure and a hair cut!
I really cut it shorter, but I didn'tloose my power! Haha
I really liked it as you can see me smiling, and it will be much easier to take care on fall and winter.
This ballet flats has a very nice eggplant color, hopefully you can see it at the right picture with the outside light.
F21 necklace, cute  and a simple cube, but cheap ( neckline is already silver :-P) material.
I ended up adding a belt cause it seems to be missing something - IMO it looks better :-)
Dress: F21 | jacket, bag and bracelet: Jcrew | necklace & spike bracelet: F21 | ballet flats: Arezzo - Gift | watch: Fóssil | sungrasses: rayban.
We went to  Dumbo Art Festival 2013 in  Brooklyn, and we found a little be of art in every corner :-)
My boys tried to throw the paper plane inside the frame...but no art prize for us this time :-(.

We also ate a lot! 
Love the frozen yogurt and the guava with queso cupcake was a delicious winner!
We had a great time!

Have a great day!


  1. Love,love the dress on you!!!!
    I think it might be one of my faves on you:)

    1. Thank you Ina! One of my faves now :o ) xo

  2. Love your outfit and the new hairstyle is fab!

    1. Thank you Rose! I loved this dress and I'm missing my hair when I make ponytail ;-)


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