Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New arrivals favorites

There is so much to love for me on this new collection, and here are some of my favorites:

Love this double zipper sweater  in Colorblock specially in this color ( navy is # 1 for me, but I own enough blue/navy) that would a nice addition to my wardrobe ;)

Love this mini skirt, and ivory would be my choice :-)

Wool utility pant, LOVETH, but already got the racing track pants in black and navy - I'm bad when love an item and I go multiples -
Also want that sneakers on the model!

And a few more....but what I really would love to get:
-double zip sweater in Colorblock 
-vintage sweatshirt in cheers
-new balance sneakers
-houndstooth scarf
-hughes satchel in burgundy
I'd be happy with anyone of them :-)

-I can't stop thinking about my mirror metallic oxford, tnha would take a lot of my budge! Lol-

What about you, have you chosen your goodies from this new arrivals?!
Have a greats day!


  1. Did you see that I reviewed most of your picks?

    1. When I posted my faves today, no . I guess I need to check your blog before go to bed, I'd love to a we some of these goodies irl :-)

    2. Some of these are your faves Ina?!

  2. Can u post a link to your reviews & blog Ina?

    1. Hi shy! Sorry but I did not have reviews in here, it's just my favorites, but Ina has some reviews ;-) I might have some pictures soon, but once again I'm blogging from my iPhone and it's not possible to add link :-( thnx for stopping by :-)


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