Sunday, October 20, 2013

Leather elbow patch sweater & OOTD

I finally got my leather elbow patch sweate in heater sky, couldn't be happier with this color exactly as pictures online ;-). I ordered in XS as I had tried the heather grey before,  but I ended exchanging for size small. Bellow is the size Small vs XS:
Left Small, right XS
Left small, right XS
Not wearing  under tee on these last pictures.
I also layered with the white boy shirt to have a better idea of which size to keep. I don't considerer myself as a  "layer" person, but I really like to have this option. Both you can see that is on sleeves where the difference is more noticeable, and in general the small feels more comfy loose as I think it is suppose to be and look.
Left Small, right XS
And the winner:
LOVE this color - light blue with a grey undertone - so pretty!
As you can see in the pictures above, I tried the mirror metallic oxford and I must say that I felt for it!
I thought it would be to "bright" is, but it's not :-P crazy hum?! It makes your foot looks very slim.
 I always loved gold and silver for acessories, bags and shoes, and I contemplate this shoes on the catalog all the time, today 2 SA were wearing it and I could not stopping looking until I asked a pair tinted on!
So comfortable! I almost left the store wearing Now I'm in a huge trouble cause I added it to my wish-list - and I never paid or ever thought to pay that much $$$ for a pair of shoes. I better start to save $!
I got a chance to try the Contrast knit blazer that Gigi reviewed, but it's not for me as that see through silver sweater bellow:
LOVE this Goodwinn purse,

$139.99 before 30%off online or 40% off in stores.
And last but not least, my OOTD:
Today I decided to go Sparkle...every time I add this necklace to any outfit I end switching it for another one.
Today it worked perfect IMO. Not too much, just the right sparkle for this cute kiss tee ;-)
All Jcrew minus shoes.- Bebe Princess smoking flats.
Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Love the OOTD a lot! I liked both the contrast knit blazer and the sweater on you, but my preference would have been the blazer. I think it would look great with the tee in the OOTD. I am biased, as I tried that blazer on and loved it a lot. LOL

    1. Thank you so much Rose :-) I love this tee and the blazer is very nice :-) I just exchanged my elbow patch sweater that day, and came back home dreaming with this silver oxfords...LOL, but I did some damage online that night through
      my VPS and I'm still waiting for some goodies :-P. Oh my God! Thnx for visiting ;-)

  2. Love your OOTD! And those about some willpower, I would have returned the sweaters and left with the shoes...obviously having spent more money!! I already have the silver metallic Everlys and recently snagged the Vivs...these oxfords are great.

    both sizes of the sweater looked good on you - but in the end you have to go with what feels best! thanks for sharing :)

    Anne @ The Fab Life

    1. Hi Anne thank you so so much! I was waiting for some support on this $$ oxfords :-) I LOVE IT , and I might anticipate my Christmas present :-) I wended keeping the sweater in small and the bag :-P, and the shoes is in my bag ;-) thank you for stopping by :-)


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