Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stripes for Friday & pit stop at B&M

Last Friday I managed to have lunch again with DH and stopped at Jcrew for a return, and I was able to check 3 items on sale ;-)
Lace- front sweatshirt -$59.99
Size small,
Color hthr natural
I didn't expect to like this color, but i love it! I was looking for the navy, but it seems to be sold out most stores and online in size small both colors.
I think this is a great color for Fall, and I can picture it with my navy schoolboy blazer, but I'm still not sure about which color to choose, I just got the horsing sweatshirt in navy, and I'm a little be convinced that I should get the natural color...what you think?!
Next is the scallop trim mini skirt :
Size 4, color bright cerise ( $59.99 in store if I'm not wrong) a bit tight on my waist.
Size 6, much better and comfy! Love the color and skirt! It doesn't look too ballon on the bottom IMO.
Size 4 on left side and size 6 (waist detail) on the right picture. Lovely!
Skinny utility chino:
My regular Size 4: LOVE it!!!
Tuscan Olive color, so comfortable! Seems to be middle waist ;-) TTS
And last but least, my OOTD:
All JCrew minus the shoes: Arezzo Brazil - gift.
Have a
Lovely day!


  1. Your ootd was really cute. That's a good idea. The weather is still good for me to wear the same dress. I love the skinny utility chino, too! Also saw your Italian festival post. The pasta looked so good & you looked cute in your beaded collar sweater :)

    1. Thank you Gigi! Your are so sweet, I'm taking advantage of the weather and wearing dresses and all goodies I didn't have a chance to wear this Summer for some reason;-) I love pasta and I could eat it every day! Xo

  2. You're making me want the lace front sweatshirt, it's very pretty on you. I think the lace shows better in the light color as opposed to navy? I have the skinny utility chino in the camo (of course, crazy pants for me) and love the way it fits too.

    All these things look good on you and love your ootd!

    1. Thank you TR! I was not planing to buy the lace sweatshirt and now I cannot think about anything else but which color to buy! I'm always wearing more navy, but surprising the natural catches me, And I agree that we can see the lace better on the light color so pretty - I wish I had seen the navy irl, the pictures doesn't do the justice! I need to decide it today! Lol

      Live this skinny utility chino!!!


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