Thursday, October 24, 2013

OOTD + quick visit to B&M - Merino Knotted Scarf Sweater -

I had some return to do today, and got my hands on some of my favorites, that doesn't belong to my wish list any longer.
Double zip sweater in colorblock, size small. I love this elm indigo color, but once I own planty navy in my wardrobe it was not my first choice.
I'm 5' tall, and thi is longer than I expect. I think this is the right size for me, but it looks a bit bigger IMO. Many of you may want to size down on this sweater.
Natural acorn color-lovely, but I really wish it was a little shorter. It's thick and substantial, very well made and the zippered are so cute, bringing a nice detail to this sweater. 
This color is chick and a neutral piece for any wardrobe ;-).
Unfortunately it's not for me, so unflering only body and I know many of you will rock it layering with nice button down shirts ;-).
The double zip sweater in garnet color- so PRETTY! I guess red/ burgundy is my color this season :-) maybe I'm drinking to much wine ?! Lol
Love the color, it's also comes in black and I think the solid color looks a little better on me. I'd consider it in sale, I'm lacking in black and red on my closet.
Now, something that I was really anxious to check- Mwrino knotted scarf sweater.
Size small, it's tts and thicker than I thought. It is a dark green instead of navy or slate that I was wondering. 
This print is gorgeous, and it will look great in taller gals ;-).
unfortunately is a pass for me. I'm too busty and short for this beautiful scarf print.
And here I go, leather elbow patch sweater, size small, color burgundy.
I didn't see it irl when I got mine in heather sky that I blogged about it before:
I'm heads over heels for the burgundy! I really like this sweater, but I don't love it enough to own 2 of them, I will consider to grab the heather sky in a great sale, cause I choose the burgundy over the sky :-).
I also tried the Boucle Bumper Jacket, 
size small ( I don't recall to be a number but online it's only #, so I assume this is a size 4), black ivory color. It's a very nice jacket fully lined!
I really like it!
And last but not least my OOTD:
All Jcrew minus the sweater - old navy.
Have you tried any of your fVorite items from the new arrivals?!
Have a great day!

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