Friday, April 20, 2012


musthave by villasba featuring J.Crew shoes

Martina Patent Wedges
bronzed clay in size 8 1/2
$99.99 in-store
I was considering to buy it 1/2 size big (only size available in store),
but as you can see it is big, 
and my foot comes out of the shoes when walking. 
 TTS imo,
I ordered it in my usual size 8.
 Beautifu neutral nude/light pink color :o)

Martina Patent Wedges in Brown Tortoise
 size 8:

see origial pictures in this post.

NO.2 Pencil Skirt in double-serge cotton,
size 4 in royal violet

I ordered it in P6

I'm usually size 6, 
but for some reason this skirt runs big. Very nice color, not that blue as in the picture, it is more violet.

I also tried in the other day:
size small.
I had a lot of expectatons on this denim jacke.
The fit is good, I'd say it is TTS,
but shorter than I expected,
and I think I like more medium wash.
$168 - $99.99 in-store
Good sale price with the 30%off FS in-store (over by now)

size 2
It runs big?!
 Me not likey :-(

Size 4
It's a very cute dress,
but I will need to go for size 6.
 A little tight in the chest, but I could say TTS in a  small that make sense?!
 I like it.

Every time I go to the city,
I feel like I'm a tourist!
 NYC is beautiful!!
Grand Central at right side.

My beloved JC at Madison Ave.
Have you all a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I got Tortoise Martinas and skirt too, yey! Did you feel you had to go half size up in shoes? I did and was surpised.

    1. I sized in shoes after my 2 boys, almost 1 size 1/2! Crazy, I lost a lot nice shoes, thank God it was 7 years ago-LOL!

  2. I tried the Tortoise Martina before in my normal size 8, and the fit was good :-) I will post some pictures of the bronzed clay I tried in size 8 1/2, the only available in store, because I was considering buying it, but it was big, and my foot comes out of the shoe when I walk :-( The only one I sized up was the Viv flats. My skirt was shipped, and I can't wait for the shoes!!! So pretty :-)

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