Thursday, September 22, 2011

OOTD - Inspire Yellow & fitting room

 I was going to Anthropologie,
but could not resist and stop at the "next door store"...
and that's what I was looking for to try on:
 Brown tortoise, in-store color
 I wished you could see the beauty of this shoes!

Sorry for the dirty mirror and blurry pictures,
but I'm in love. (not with the price)
Next I went to Anthro fitting room:

Really like this skirt, pretty print and easy to dress up and down.

And this is what I wore on that day:
Inspire Yellow


  Close up: J.Crew Crystal Glamour Drop earrings (from Slastena :-)

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The shoes are so lovely! They remind me of the serengeti sling backs from 2008. I just love it in a wedge-

    Your outfit is divine. Love the bag.

  2. I'm a huge fan of maxi skirts - but the Post-Impressionist skirt on Anthro's website is kinda ho-hum looking. I don't have an Anthro store nearby so I can't run out & see what it looks IRL.
    Usually maxi skies are sized by small, medium & large, but I noticed this one goes by numbered sizes - how accurate were the size to your normal skirt size? I ask as I can be a 6 in one brand, 8 in another, etc.

  3. Thanks Crew Cricket! It remind me the serengeti too, but wedge is a PLUS for me!

  4. Jane - Thanks for stopping by :-) Sorry I didn't do the review of this skirt, but the print and the fabric is beautiful! The felling when you walk with it is delicious! It runs big, I'm usually size 6 on skirts, 2 or 4 and 27 in pants, but b/c I don't have too much waist I sized it down once to 4. You can probably size it down 1 or 2 #, but keep in mind the length...for your reference I'm only 5" tall, and many people sized it up to have it lower on the waist and longer :)
    Hope that helps you :o)

  5. Andrea, thanks for the reply. I went ahead & ordered both a 6 & an 8 since it's still free shipping/free returns with Anthro. I'll see which works.
    Thanks for the info!
    Love the blog too - glad I stumbled across it!

  6. I ordered the maxi when it went on sale! I love it! I agree that you can size down at least one. I am 5'6" and can wear a 4-6 in most anthro and j.crew skirts and took this in a 4 and it still touches the floor with a flat and small heel. Highly recommend!

    And you are making me want to order that bag!!!!

  7. Pam, isn't beautiful?!
    You should try to order the bag, it's so versatile and I've seeing it pop-back online!
    I LOVE it, and highly recommend!:o)

  8. I understand your love for the Martina tortoise wedges. I almost went home with them! Lovely ensemble!

  9. Rose - Thanks for stopping by :-)
    So you know ...I'm not alone :o)

  10. Jane, thanks for shaing your diet with me :-)
    I need to go back to my protein diet...yesterday!
    Hard to keep on track with 2 boys :o)

  11. The wedges do look really good! It's nice to see the tortoise in another variation.

  12. Gigi - Thanks for stopping by :-)
    Hope you are doing well with your little princess!
    I love this new tortoise shes variation, not too much the price though...


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