Thursday, April 12, 2012

Secret "ourtreat"

From the last "ourtreat" promo.
Boatneck popover, beige/navy
 I loved all the items!
 And I love to receive them that way, 
so well packed!

Easter gifts :o)

Have you got something good, besides delicious and lots of chocolates, on Easter?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love all your purchases! There it is...the Tillary! Ha, all I see is a face when I look at those bags. Enjoy your goodies! The easter bunny dropped me lots of potted tulips & purple hyacinths, which I'm thrilled with...I don't need any chocolates! ;)

    P.S. I tried to 'Comment' on your PV set 'canvas' but I get a message from PV stating I can't comment on it. I love that set w/the Tillary too!

    1. Thank you JV for the code! I love all pieces, but specially the Tillary ( you can see me smiling right now)! Can you imagine if we all leave close to each other? We would need a ticket to wear our bag if we go for a cup of coffee together :) LOL

    2. PS: I didn't change my setting at PV, I don't know you were not able to comment :(

  2. Great purchases, I am excited about my Tillary too- it's coooming.:)

    1. I'm wearing mine today! I could not pretty :) bu I missed the Viv in Spicy god :( it went sold out so fast ...:(


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