Monday, April 16, 2012

b&M fitting-room

 - not so quick-
 B&M visit :o)

polka dots

Polka dot top, H&M
Everything else as stated in the set.

I had a feeling that this bag would not wait for me until June ... so, there is my early birthday present:
Tillary tote - warm sienna
I was right!
And there is some fitting room picks:
I couldn't find this sweater online, 
but is cream and navy - size small.

more fitted than I expect,
I would buy a size larger, look for a more loose and light
which should be alinen shirt.
And certainly petite size for me :-)
love, love, love! TTS
Lovely print and fit :o)
You were right Beyondtheblue!

To long (for me - 5 ft),
and a bit tight on the botton,TTS, thick cotton.
It is a pass imo.
I love the color chilli, 
but only white was available in-store. 
the fit is strange:
 tight in the chest and loose on waist and hips,
making this top very boxy what doesn't help my figure at all.

size small & medium 

I love the concept and simplicity of this dress, 
nice thick cotton and well made.
The small fits me perfect, but I like more where the waist of the medium sits,
Size Small
Size Medium
I would wear it with a belt as in the model online, 
even Medium is longer than small,
it gets lower in my waist giving a better look imo.

very nice cardigan "beyondtheblue!
just lovely with leather-bound buttons,
dress: Medium
Can you notice how much I love this dress and cardigan?!
Dress: small
can you see it is shorter?

I really like this clutch.
nice for anytime.

And now something unexpected:
Cafe capri in Pop Art Polka Dot
size 2
I didn't expect to like this one (even I love it in the model),
because of the big dots,
usually print makes me bigger than I need to be :-P,
but...I love it!
I love the length. 
Usually all my capris are regular size, only the cafe capri in "warm jade" color is petite size, but I really enjoy the regular length.
Capri pants for me looks like cigarette pants -"very straight and narrow trousersfor women. Audrey Hepburn could carry ooff the look of cigarette pants" - 

You can see what I mean in my OOTD pictures with the Factory Skimmer pants in Modern Red. It's not "capris".
And for the grand finale of my walk in manhattan,
did you notice the white paper bag in the back of mst of my picture inside the fitting-room?
The proof of my "crime":
Pistachio cupcake, Magnolia Bakery
closely to give you mouth water!
of course
I bit the cupcake after I left the fitting room!
Beautiful Station.

PS: No extra %off FS in NYC :-(, 
but I see extra 30%off FS online with code:MUSTHAVE!
Have a lovely Monday!!!


  1. Oh my, I love the Beach Cardi more after seeing it on you but those big leather buttons! What were they thinking? Besides the fact we've read they can bleed onto the sweater if wet, they look to be too heavy & pulling on the fabric. I think this will definitely make it to sale. ;)

    I tried the Villa & liked it in medium too but decided the silhouette, even when belted, wasn't for me. Who knows, I can always change my mind. It's such an easy summer dress.

    Thanks for the reviews! You looked great in your ootd. The pants you were wearing went with *everything* you tried on - how versatile!

    I can't Comment on any of your PV posts so I'm commenting here.

    1. My dear friend, you got a good point about the the leather buttons can bleed if wet...I have to call CS to find out about it, the cardi is hand wash. Otherwise, the buttons are not heavy a all and the cardi is so cute, and it might make to sale :-P
      The Villa dress on sale...will look great with a belt, lets wait :-)
      Thanks you for yours sweet comments! I really like this Skimmer pants in red modern, it really goes with everything :-)
      Sorry you could not comment on PV, I don't know what is going on...:-(

  2. Love all the pics! I agree that the big leather buttons on the cardi do droop a bit, but I don't remember them seeming heavy or like they were pulling, what do you think Villasba? I am concerned about them bleeding when washed, but it is so gosh darned cute that I might risk it, especially on sale. ;)

    The Rambling Rose Popover looks great on you as well. I'm hoping maybe with the new rollout this week it might get marked down.

    The Cafe capri in Pop Art Polka Dot goes perfectly with your Boatneck Popover! It looks like an oufit straight out of the JC catalog!

    Thanks for the reviews and great pics...such fun! :)

    1. I thought I was replying your comment here, but it is bellow...

  3. Thank you my dear friend T- you are always so sweet :o) I really like this cardigan, even the buttons dropp a bit I don't mind, it doesn't bother me. My only concern is what's gonna happen after we wash it?!?! I (want to) believe that these buttons may have some treatment to stand like new after wet without making any damage to the cardi :-p let's find out, because if it makes to sale...I will treat this cardi with so much love :o) the boatneck popover is the one I choose to keep, size xsmall, love it.
    The cafe Capri pop art polka dot is fun!

  4. hi andrea,thanks for the reviews and also for stopping by on my blog:).
    i have the same polka-dot shirt from H&M,just in the blue\red colorway and i also own the sunflower bracelet in the navy color.
    you look lovely in the outfits you tried and my list of things i want is growing(tillary tote,invitation clutch)!

  5. Ummm, my mouth totally watered. Those cupcakes look AMAZING.

    And I must say, those polka dotted capris look better on you than on the model. I really want them now!

    1. JCJD I wish everyone could taste this cupcake _my favorite from now one _ its so delicious! Thank you so much for the sweet comment on the polka dotted capris, its really a very nice pants, and it is in the first place of my wishlist! Xoxo

  6. You look cute in everything! I like the pop art capris on you. Definitely cuter than the model :) Love the clutch in cork, too. I can just see spilling a dark drink on it in my hands. lol

    1. Thanks Gigi! I can't wait to see this pop art capris on sale! Xo


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