Tuesday, February 21, 2012

movie & date

Last Sunday I can say I had two ... 
maybe three dates?!

I couln'd wait to watch this movie:
"Safe House"
Have you ever watched?
The movie is great, you do not sit still one minute!
I love Densel Washington, one of the best actors imo, 
and I can say that Ryan Raynolds is not just another pretty face ... he is good and how can I say...
he is good lookingWOW, is worth seeing!
But my DH was looking good too!
We had a great date :-)
And this is what I picked for Sunday evening:
You might have seen me in this dress here,
Very versatile and comfy.
I wished so much that necklace
but I forget to wear it :-{

 oversized local store scarf,
similar here, and here.

And here's my favorite boots 
of all timeMy Valentine's gift! 
My first choice was the brown (on my wishlist and necessary color in my closet), but it got sold out with no way of restocking.
And as the cognac is the favorite color of DH, and I believe the whole world (including me)...
...I surrendered then to the Intyce boots by Steve Madden in Cognac!
could not be happier with my gift!
It's beautiful, 
stylish and comfortable!
Definitely, I will be looking to buy more in teh future in other colors! :-)
 And finally my inseparable Snowbound puffer coat by J.Crew!

Long Jumper With Elbow Patches-dress, Zara

Belt, J.Crew
Yights, Gap

Jewelry, J.Crew

Scarf, Local 

Coat Snowbound puffer, J.Crew

Intyce Boots, Steve Madden 

Enjoy your day!


  1. cute, cute, cute!!! I first thought that was the J.Crew stripe dress!

  2. Pam- thank you! I'm tying to make sure I don't need the Maritime dress-lol. This dress is a thin sweater, but it can be wear on fall, winter and Spring, maybe I will need the Jc one for Summer ;)
    Thnx for stopping by.

  3. I thought it was the maritime too! Love how you've styled your dress. Note the maritime dress is a heavy cotton knit. I like the weight of the fabric but some have commented it's heavy for summer. Thought you should know. ;)

  4. Tiffany rose- thnx! I noticed and I heard that the maritime dress is a heavy cotton, and I'm debating about this, how to wear something so heavy on Summer :-P
    Thank you for stopping by :-)


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