Wednesday, February 22, 2012

moments of impressionist

Post-Impressionist Skirt, Anthropologie
I had to put this skirt all way up my waist,
it is very looong!
I might need to take to the tailor.
wearng with my beloved Steve Madden Intyce,
but I really want to wear this skirt with sandals and flip flopes on Summer!

This skirt is gorgeous!
It was the first time I wore it,
 and me and my family ended the day at lower Manhattan.

 It hurts when we remember,
but it is impossible to forget.
We were there.

Have a good day,


  1. the skirt is dreamy, you look lovely in it.

  2. I have to agree, I love the skirt, so beautiful!

  3. TIffany R - Thank you! I really enjoy this skirt:-)
    Thanks for stooping by!

  4. Moda- Thanks for stopping by!
    A saia é linda e muito versatil :-)

  5. I love this entire look on you! The skirt is gorgeous! :)

    Btw, in case you aren't aware, I wanted to mention that your blog comments are on full page and we are not able to subscribe to the posts. If you go into your blog edit layout to the comment tab, you can change the comments to 'embedded below posts', which will give us the option to subscribe, and also allows you to reply to each person directly under their comment.

    1. FFM, I had not seen your comment until today!
      I didn't know, but some comments were waiting for authorization to be published.
      Thank you so much for the sweet comment, and I just changed my comments settings and now it is bellow post and I'm replying directly to you for the first time! Thnx 2 you! :-)
      Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO


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