Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Saturdays ago...

Everything because I had to go to Walmart...
and my favorite J.Crew B&M is right on the way :-)
Very convenient...
Love this shirt, as the Schoolboy blazer :-)
Jcrew tank, small
Jcrew Check shirt, size 4

  • Jcrew schoolboy blazer in velvet, P6
Jcrew necklace,
Express pants, small
Gap bootie
In the fitting room:
Contrast stripe tee, small
 20% off right now!
 Silk boy shirt in heart throb, size 4
love, love, love,
whatelse can I!
sold out online :-(
 Rugby stripe dress, small
too short and tight, I'd size up on this one.
Just not for me.

I know this is not new,
and many of you might have one in navy or other colors,
but for me this is the first time trying it on,
size XS was too tight...
but Small, me likey it :-)

Have a great day!!!!


  1. I LOVE your outfit with the check look so chic!

  2. I also love your shopping outfit and the Maritime dress looks fantastic on you! Did you get it and the heart throb shirt?

  3. My4Boys - thank you! You are very sweet :-)

  4. FFM - thanks :-) Unfortunately I did not bought the Silk boy shirt in heart throb :-(
    I'm waiting for my rewards card, or even a descount on full price items, but I believe no discount will happen, and the heart throb is sold out online.
    I'm planning to buy the dress and if I'm lucky, I can still find the heart throb on pop back :-)


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