Sunday, November 27, 2011

hunting a turkey

It was a wet and chilly day, 
when I went after the turkey for Thanksgiving.
Sequin sweatshirt,  Printed scarf in wool, Rigby hobo and Jewelry, J.Crew;
Loafer flats, AE for Payless; leggings, local store
Sherpa-lined puffer vest in slate, J.Crew

Denim mini skirt, Gap
Oops, I think I have a dirty/finger prints mirror :-P
Have a beautiful Sunday!


  1. SUPER adorable! Love how you wore your denim mini and leggings! :)

  2. LOVE this outfit, andrea!! what a style inspiration you are:) make another OOTD with the aleutian cardigan, will you??!!

  3. Thanks Amy, I really like minis with legging, and almost forgot about this little denim from years ago...:-)

  4. Lori- thanks, u r very sweet, I'm sure you will love your Aleutian cardigan, and I will make more sets with it for u :-) ( I didn't buy it, maybe I can fin on e xs still...)


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