Wednesday, November 23, 2011


This month I'm not choosing the right outfit ...

When the weather forecast  says  "little cold",
 the weather gets colder than I thought and I feel cold. 
When I choose only ballet flats and cardigan
the rain comes earlier than expected, and the weather cools again.
Oh well...

About yesterday's outfit,
I really like it and I've wore it  a few times in the past, 
not sure if I have created a set on PV, but my inspiration this week was after the set of my dear My4boys PV's pal, with one of my favorite cardigans and graphic tee.
And there I go ...
I don't like this Cafe capri from 2009 (love this color,
I really like the Cafe capri cut from 2008 that I have in navy and pink colors; I bought two more believing it would fit me like mine old ones, but the waist line is thinner with no belt loops, 
and it is not as low as i should be.
head to toe J.Crew
Anyway, I really need to improve my photos :-(
Have a wonderful day!

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