Friday, November 11, 2011


jules dress in wildcat
size 4 
It is "short"
I'm only 5'f tall so...
 Adorable front pockets, just love it more!
Love, love love!
Blouson dress in royal paisley
Beautiful print!
I see me wearing this dress "all" year around!
Dream ribbed yoga cardigan
hthr fern 
I really like the colors together, 
and I'd love to grab this cardi if it gets markdown again :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OH! the wildcat dress IS short. not good for me! Booo!!!!

  2. Yeap, Pam, it is SHORT! But its so beautiful...

  3. I like the royal paisley dres son you. Does it fit TTS? Or better question would be, does it fit like the other blouson dresses this summer (the lace ones)? TIA

  4. Thanks Rose! Yes, the Blouson royal paisley dress fits the same way as the striped one from Summer, I did blog about it, and I'm wearing size 4. It has a gorgeous print and it's wearable all year IMO :-)

  5. I was dying to see those dresses IRL, thank you for the pics. I love the wildcat print, but the dress is way too short for me. And I am not shy of wearing short, but I feel it warrants tights and dark tights won't be that great with the light print. Have to try in store for a final verdict.

  6. I love the print on the dress. I tried it, but I recall it being longer on me. I'm 5'2". Perhaps you have long legs..?

  7. Slastena, you will look stunning on this dress! I like white dress with black I think it's an idea if this dress is too short. Hope you post some pictures soon!

  8. Gigi - I love the print and the fit of the dress! So pretty! Good point, I don't know if I have long legs, don't think so :-) But I have noticed difference in length in the same size lately, sometimes I ask another item in the same size to check the length when I'm really interested. It is like dark and light colors, I do not know why but I realize that the dark colors are usually more "tight" than the light ones. Am I too crazy? LOL

  9. Andrea, that doesn't sound crazy at all. If I find something is not fitting, I will try to remember to try the same size in a different item. I think the workers are sewing things so fast that there are errors. Also, someone posted a link to an article long ago about how factories will sometimes purposely mis-tag items. That is, knowing they're not the right size and posting whatever size they need to complete the order.


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