Thursday, March 14, 2013

polka dots at Century 21

Yesterday at Century 21:
I found this bracelet very pretty,
In my bag: gym clothes (bought at next door store Tjmaxx-very afortable!)
lightweight ,
and very similar to Jcrew classic link bracelet,
 I didn't buy it,
but now seen the pictures I regretted not to :(
What do you think?!

  All J.crew minus Intyce boots - Steve Madden/ long-sleeve indigo ink dot tee - Madewell
 Have a lovey day!


  1. Hi Andrea! You should go back for your bracelet if you love it.  I love your outfit.  Just got the orangey-red city mini during the promo.  Sorry for the long winded pv reply...I was in a hurry and cranked it out real fast w/o editing it.  Have a great weekend! ;)

    1. Haha, I didn't go back for the bracelet, but I was there 3 days later to do something for my mom, and I went to check on the even the neckalace that they hada lot was there, nothing! C21 is like that, if you like it better buy that day, if you come back is always something new and differenc :P Anywys, that bracelet I wwll only wear to go out so...that's ok :o) I love your msg on pv my friend, miss you! :)


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