Thursday, March 7, 2013

fitting room & new peony tee

Just a few try ones from my last B&M visit,
I was crazy when I first saw this twinset,
but I'm not sure I "need" them in my closet...
I'm getting better on this :o).
both in size small,
The cardigan feels a little loose and longer,
check it at one too many closets review here!
size XS,
$110 - $79.99 in stores
Here you can see the elastic on the bottom is  all the way on my waist.
On the picture bellow,
 I pulled it all down for you to have some idea about sizing and length.
I sized it down after reading some reviews,
and perhaps I could go down one more,
but I won't be adding this one to my closet,
cute print, but too blousy for me.
size 6,
I didn't find size 4 to try on,
 but I think the 6 was the right one for me.

 And thanks to my VPS,
A new flower tee to my closet:
size small,
a little shorter than my others tee's from JC,
but is all good :o)
TTS, nice linen feel in ivory/creamy color on background,
many JCA already showed a lot of for this cute/big flower tee, check it out at one more shopping blog, shopping with M, and Gigi's gone shopping! 
Can you see a little pocket somewhere? 
 Ohhh yeah, how cute is this tee with a pocket?!
Love it!


 All J.Crew minus boots & welly sock - Hunter
Have you all a lovely "white snowy" day!


  1. Hi Andrea!!! :)
    The Peony Tee looks just lovely on you!  As I was scrolling down the post, I was thinking how the peony kind of camouflages the girls a bit, esp in the second &third pic (within the cluster of three horizontal pic's).  Then, scroll down a little further & BAM!, the close-up of the pocket! Lol! 
    Peasant blouses always catch my eye, but like you said, they're too blousy, and that elastic at the bottom.  No go for me either.  They cleverly styled it tucked in one of the pic's, so I didn't expect elastic.

     Warmer weather has got to be right around the corner.  I even spotted a groundhog out and about.  Thanks for the reviews, and have a great weekend!

    Grren tea with honey for me, please.  If you're out, I like oolong tea too. ;)

    1. Hey Sharon, thank you my dear! I should had add the tee's pic with my set on PV that I got yesterday and managed to take some pictures to add to this post that was already started...I've been negligent with my blog, my laptop is so slow and takes me forever to finish a simple OOTD post :P Yes, this tee camouglages the girls very well (imo), which didn't happen with the heart sweater ( it was huge on my chest anf the girls grown-no thanks!), I believe because of the petals of the flower that makes some movement (?)...not sure it makes

      It's snowing here still, but it will be sunny and 50's tomorrow! I can't wait for Spring :)

      Let's get this tea party settle as soon as you get your Peony :o) I love the "Matte Leão" from Brazil, but Green tea with lemon/honey is great!

  2. still snowing? well, at least you can look forward to tomorrow! it's nice but windy here. your tea sounds so much fancier than mine. you'll have to plan on sharing! :)

    1. Yeap, but is almost all melt right now, it didn't stick much :-) tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful, I hope so! My tea is nothing fancy, super simple with strong flavor :-) but I do enjoy green tea in many ways ;-) let's get this tea party soon! :D

  3. Andrea,the peony tee looks lovely on you,very flattering!!!

    Thank you also for all the reviews,i liked the first cardigan online,i am not so sure if i would like it IRL.

    Have a great weekend!!!!

    1. Ina thank you, you are very sweet :-) you know, I felt in love for this twinsets Asa I saw it online, but after I tried it on, I don't feel that's just ok. I have others things that I'd wear more and have more fun with :-) enjoy your weekend!

  4. Peasant tops are just tough. I like the peony tee on you.


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