Saturday, December 22, 2012

Life lately...

On the first week of December,
we got our Christmas tree,
Kids enjoy this time as much as I do,
time to decorate...
as for the presents!
I didn't find the ornaments I want this year,
so I add the old ones, plus the colorful lights as the kids request :o)
cooking a lot
enjoying the city,
time is just gorgeous!

Rockefeller Center
Ikea shopping,
new shoes:

loveth it!
 movie with DH, 
he was so jealous...
because I got the power!

Some fitting room pictures:

 All JCrew.
And on my wish list for Santa:
MAcAlister wedge boots,
nut color sold out...
navy on sale for $129.99
TTS, so comfortable! 
I think I would get a lot of wear with this color, 
what do you think? 
Janey Patent Flats,

on sale for $109.99
retro jade is such a pretty color!

 in forest green (also love it in blue sea,
I love this bag in gold - here, here, and here
 I got last Summer,
and I think this green would be perfect for the cold weather to come...
$189.99 - $179.99 in -stores

Tried it here, and just love it!
much prettier irl.

also a white watch would be a nice option under my Christmas tree
 or a gorgeous oversize RayBan Sunglasses,
 that I'm craving for a while...
but it can be on my wish list for 2013,
what I wish for 2013?!
There it goes...
Jcrew wintress jacket - Jcrew
Aggie boots - Jcrew
Uggs boots

Zipcode boots - Madewell
perhaps a new bag?!
in blue sea!
So many goodies to choose,
a lot of options to make a girls happy!

if any of these come to me any time or not,
all I can say is that I'm a very fortunate woman.
It was not an easy year, but I can't complain because I got most of the things I want,
 my family,
health and happiness!
And so much love!
What is in you list?!

Let's have some fun,
 and be playful in 2013!


  1. Hello Andrea!
    Your tree is beautiful! The pictures of the city are so nice to see! The big Christmas balls were just shown on a live shot on the news.  You know I love all your purchases & picks. :)
    Have a wonderful evening! 
    I haven't seen a vampire movie since 'Interview w/ A Vampire', or Bram Stokers 'Dracula'; whichever was made last.  When I was young, elementary school age, I loved vampire stories.  They didn't settle well w/me.  To my moms dismay, when I went to bed, I would lay my cat across me neck  to protect myself from them! 

    1. Thank you S! My lsit is bigger han that, and I dodn't even add the MAcAlister to it (on its way to me!YAY!!) :P
      I use to love Vampires movies and stories when I was teenager, but I lost interest right after when in College. Bit this movie is quite nice, love the "vampire" on the movie, and Bella is pretty for the first time of all series! I wish we live close by, so I'd go with you to see the movie again! :o)

  2. Hi Andrea,
    Beautiful pics,i am so envious that you are so close to NYC.
    I totally agree that family and health and happiness are the most important,but a little Jcrew always helps:).
    Hopefully you will get everything from your list!

    1. Thank you Ina! I agree 100% with you that a little (lot!) JC helpes a lot! LOL!!! I've been almost good this year so...wishing for the best in my tree :o)


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