Saturday, December 29, 2012

skimmer pants

After Christmas...
 I went shopping with mom,
and also managed to make some returns.
Taking advantage of the Season,
 I wore my plaid pants again :o).
 Jacket, sweater and shoes - Jcrew; pants - Jcrew Factory; jewelry: necklace - F21 and bracelet - coldwatercreek; handbag - Madewell

  love this sweater,
 and this pants!
I'm wearing my regular JC pants size 4.
Got it on Christmas eve,
 it comes in silver also.
Very cute!
At Loft,
 I took to the fitting room :
size XSP, 
-only one left in store-
I'd need a SP for a better fit,
$50 before discount.
(hurry, stores has 50%off everything right now :o)
have a lovely day!


  1. Very cute, Andrea! I love both that necklace and the bracelet as well!

    1. Thank you Rose! The necklace is very cute and I'm really impress with this bracelet :o)

  2. Your outfits look great but I esp Love the sparkly tee w/the plaid skimmers!

    Happy New Year to you and your family Andrea (in case I don't get to say it on time)! I'm still up/down w/this obnoxious head & chest cold.

    1. Thank you JV! I really like tje sparly tee, but got me the green one, could not find the black and XS on misses size fits nice ( I'd prefer petite still :/). Happy NEw YEar my friend, feel better!!!


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