Friday, July 20, 2012

Madewell & Jcrew

on another day at MAdewell.
by that time store was offering 40% off FS.
size small
$39 before extra%
size small,
$39 before %
 large (last one, and I love with the length)
$19.99 before %
 Nice basic pocket  tee,  size small
$19.99 before %
It had a stain right on the right breast :-(
But the store was full of it in several colors.
 Forgot the name of this cardi,
heavy, but nice.
I had to try one more time,
For some reason i felt this one very big on me at this time.

at Jcrew:
size 2
Loved the print!
It has a substancial fabric,
and it would look great on those girls with hips,
Not so good on my crotch area.
Tippi sweater in heart me,
small $90
TTS, but it didn't "heart" me :-P
Beautiful colors.
I'd say it is TTS in a big way.
This pants is not for me.

Have a wonderful Saturday!


  1. I love the tee and the cardi. And the pants don't look that bad but you know best what looks good. Thanks for posting the close up of the pants, I didn't see the details until now.

    I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

    1. Love the print and the fabric very much as I do love Cafe Capri pants, but this one is not flattering on me :-( Well, we cannot have everything right?! :-P
      I'm sure many will rock this pants!

  2. Sorry the pants & the Tippi w/a heart didn't work out for you! I read a negative on the heart sweater on another blog. The blogger pointed out the heart made her chest look lopsided. Oh well, there will be more to love!

    I will be watching for your sandal post. Mine should be arriving any day, but I did see them last night at MW so I know the color is *safe*. :)

    1. I felt the same about the heart sweater! It also looks big making my "chest" bigger than it need to be :-P
      No thanks! :)


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