Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kimono & Thea maxidress

From the last 30%off
$118 - $79.99 not FS!
Size XS
 $48 after discounts.
 I have no idea how this dress goes all way to the floor covering the model's foot (they are so tall and flat skinny!),
I'm 5 feet tall,
and XS size is the perfect length for me. 
 As you ca see, 
I'm a busty gal and this is how the V neck fits me before the matchsticks tape strips.
Shaky Enamel Disc Necklace,
after the matchsticks tape magic :o)
 Deep V on the back too.
 Extremelly comfortable!
It feels great, but is thinner than the Amie maxidress imo,
but the new Amie maxidress in Casablanca blue feels he same.

$98 - $39.99 FS
Size XS
$49.99 in store FS
$29.99 online - $19.99 in store
Neon peach 
Very comfortable dress,
and it has pockets :o)!

Color Gallery green
Love this color!
Size XS
Necklaces and black Thea dress are FS items for me.
Have you made some demage in this last 30% off promo?!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for the reviews!
    I think i might cave for another maxi dress,the price is just too good for the Thea maxi.
    You look great in all of them!

    1. Thank you Ina, you are very sweet! I think the Thea or even the Kimono dress would be fantastic on you! And for this price is hard to not get it! It's an easy and chic dress, You should get for you! :o)

    2. Ina, the Thea maxi dress is now 29.99. I bought the black and charcoal.

    3. Of course it would go down after I buy it! Never fails :S. oh well

  2. Thank you SO much for the review of the kimono dress. I now know I have to pass.. it's just too low cut and too short. Thank you for saving me some money!

    1. it is, the neckline is like two overlapping tissues. For those who do not have much breast, the waist should fall, and the dress is not so low cut, but with relation to the length, really ... I'm a short person and this XS on this was shorter than the Amie I have in the same size, imagine the tall women!

  3. Long dresses are not in my lifestyle but they look really good on you!

    1. Thak you! I love long dresses, all dresses in general!

  4. Thanks for sharing pics! The magic tape helps w/the kimono dress. I like the back, too. You look great in the Thea as well.

    1. Thank Gigi, love maxidresses! Let me know what do you think about the Kimono! :o)

  5. I had a feeling today was the day, and sure enough, here you are in the Thea :). Wow - they look wonderful on you! You need to make a date night stat!! Or two...or three!

    I ended up getting my normal size - not my Amie size - in the Thea bc charcoal was the only color I wanted and it was sold out in xs. It's fine on me, was a really good price, but not,nearly as good as it is on you. I love the idea of the kimono dress but it is clearly not going to love me back.

    1. Thank you MD! You are so sweet! I really like the Thea, very pretty, I don't think the small is a lot more bigger than the XS, I believe you will be fine wih small, my concern is lways the length...:-P
      You shoulld try the Kimono, you can be surprise! :o)

    2. Haha I am not sure it would be a pleasant surprise! You are so right about the length - the s is just long enough on me, so I guess I'm glad I didn't get xs! Have you had date night yet? ;)

    3. That's great! I imagine that the small would be better on length and not much extra fabric, right? SO glad it works for you and you like it!
      I didn't have a date night yet...I'll need a lot of date's night actually :o)

  6. You "made" me order the Thea,i got the black one:).
    Should be here next week!

    1. How nice Ina! You will love it! Did you get in XXS? Still available in green as well!
      Let me know what you think!


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