Sunday, September 8, 2013

B&M visit

Hello everyone, 
I know many of you probably saw these items in store or other blogs, but here it goes one more review of some of my favorite:
This "mini rose" tee is so cute! I saw it as soon as I step in , but a week ago ( time of my visit) it was not available online , have you seen it yet?! On my wish list it goes...
I tried size small and it is TTS, nice soft cotton, bellow is the tag info:
Next is me horsing around...
Love this sweatshirt in, and navy was the one available in store which I loved it, even more 'cause the horses are not " white" as i thought looking at the web pictures, it's more like a stone/ light cream color, very cute. Size small, TTS, soft and fit just right!
Pixie pants in black, after trying size 4 for the first time I finally found out that size 2 is the best fit for me, and will need this to get professionally  shorter, even the "short" length is long for me ;-(- love it -  and to my wish list it goes!
I also tried the other two pixies:
Gigi already reviewed them...The pixie Jodhpur up left picture and the pixie in leather tuxedo stripe on hthr charcoal, both size  2.
Really like the original one most ( sorry for the bad pictures, we can hardly see that it is not black).
The wool racing- stripe track pant:
My first time ever size 0 pants! Yes, first I asked for the size 4 ( Michelle -5th av. Store-lovely- grabbed the size 2 as well for me to try), and lately I was suggested to size down to 0 ,which was the best fit and comfortable pants ever in wool! Not itchy or tight anywhere, just relax like leggings- love the navy with red stripes :-) runs big.
Bellow is the Tweed merino sweater in grey:
Size XS, generous and comfy, also Boxy as Ina reviewed, but I love the feeling/ fit , and the color combination. Cute!
I tried a few more things that I'll be posting soon.
last but not least my OOTD:
simple & summery :-)
All Jcrew minus shirts|Madewell.
Have you all a lovely day!


  1. I wish I would have known the horses were not white on the navy, I would have ordered but now my size is sold out :(

    The mini rose tee is darling and your OOTD is cute, love the hat (I have it too)!

    1. TR I'm sure you are able to find it in stores yet, I was concern with the horses too, but was really happy with the color-the rose tee is darling, I have so many tees...i git think wisely :-) this hat is best one, isn't it?! I always get compliments when I wear it!

  2. Hi Andrea,
    i saw the mini rose tee too,but $45 is too much for that.
    Love the horsing around sweatshirt,i have it in grey(its sold out online).

    1. Hi Ina! JC tees tends to be a bit overpriced for me. I always wait for sale or promo, and I missed the bar stripe tee because i ordered the camouflage tee with % so...this darling roses must to go on sale :-) I can't believe the horse sweatshirt is already sold out, mine still on back order...:-P

  3. The mini rose tee is super cute - it is like the prefall version of that pineapple tee they had in the summer. I'll have to check it when I have time to go to the store.

    And you look great in the pixies!

    1. Yes, it's super cute, I'm sure you will love it-I can picture it on you :o) Thanks for the sweet comment and stoping by Lisa!


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