Friday, June 22, 2012

Madewell & Jcrew

I just had to make some returns,
  look what happened ...I made to the fitting-room.
From sale section:
**Sold out online**
 The Polka-Dot Sidewalk Skimmer, $59.99
-40% off FS = $35!
so unexpected!
 I found both colors available in my store (not sure I know how and with to wear this color with blue polka dots.
 Black with white polka dots,
 came home with me.
Love both! 
So cute and TTS, wearing size 8.
I'm still thinking if I should get the natural color as well...
 $14.99 (I think) before %off,
size small 
size small in optic white
$29.99  - 40% = $17
its very cute and lightweight cardi for Summer nights.
I really liked it and took it home with me :-)
Also the idea stretch tank top,  I'm wearing underneath,
 is on sale in few bright colors (not black or white),
$9.99 - 40% = $5.50
like this nouveau red shade :-) 
 Fairfleet Sweatshirt, $19.99 - 40% = $11.99
mine is coming today,
 in size small that fits perfect!
Love, love, love this electric citron color (thnx Tina!)
I also like the peach one, but only both this one by the phone from another store :-)
$16.99 (cheaper online)before %.
Size small,
Not sure I want to deal with the sheer part, 
I don't like to wear tanks under this kind of tops on Summer...too hot.
 But I like it very much!
 Maybe the clay pot color (available online) would be better?! 
  •  Hillview Lace Tee
  • size small,
  • $39.99 - 40% = $23
  • Love this top! This one I'm planning to wear with a tank underneath :-)
  • the fluttery sleeves is in silk as the collar. 
  • Very feminine and cute for Summer with shorts!
  • This shorts is the Bungalow stripe panorama shorts

    on sale for $39.99 before % with high waist, I'm wearing size 4, but I didn't like the fit.

  • Long-Sleeve indigo ink tee
  • size small
  • $42
  • love, love, love this tee, and the SA said it was on special promo while back.
  • Let's wait for another one...hopefully it doesn't get sold out before :-(

 At  J.Crew:
size 4 in golden burgundy
$110 $59.99 the math!
Great deal!
Beautiful color!
Same fit as the others, slightly bigger?!
 Size XS in bright papaya
$29.99 - 30% off FS
it looks tight to me, but feels good. Thin.
 size Small,
cafe mint
looks big to me and it feels
Tessa Top, $49.99 - 30% off FS
Size 4 in chilli 
Love this color, 
very pretty, 
but I realized that I don't need this top even I love it!
Also saw on the sale section: 
Tippi sweater in garment-dyed linen
$39.99 - 30% off

$ 59.50 $29.99 - 30% FS
Took it home.

Indigo Ink tank, siz small, Madewell 
Mirabel Skirt, P8, J.Crew
 Mila ballet flats, size 8, J.Crew
Leather caravan satchel, Felix Red, Madewell
Fireball necklace, J.Crew
Have you found goodies at these fabulous stores lately?!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love the leopard scarf you bought,but its still full price online:(.
    Why does jcrew not have the same prices online like in the stores? Thats crazy!

    Happy birthay Andrea!

    1. Thank you Ina!
      I agree with you, so many good prices in the store, great deals and this discrepancy in prices with online sales, and I buy 99% online! Lately, I have seen more blogs and info about sales on PV, and I have been more often at the stores to not feel so outnumbered! This is dangerous thought...away to buy more! This scarf is very beautiful and perfect for the summer, was a surprise find it in store on sale!
      Hope it goes on sale online soon! Have a great day!

  2. I have the black polka dot shoes but the high heel version. Love them!

    So many good prices in the stores. Can you say why you love the indigo ink tee so much? That chili color for the tessa top is beautiful.

    Thanks for showing us all these things!

    1. I really like this skimmer flats, I can imagine on high heels!

      I love this style of indigo tee in all shades! The fabric is excelent, comfortable, and it is as if you were wearing "jeans" in a soft way. I think the look cool and relaxed compared to the shirt. I have the short sleeve version and love it! Prices got even down in-store the next day I was there, they stop running the 40% (at least on 5th Ave.), but it is worth a visit!

      Love the Tessa top, the color is stunning for sure :o)
      Thnx for stopping by! Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow, I'm kinda disappointed in the real life color of the papaya JCrew Summerlight Terry Pullover  It's pretty but not as striking as the online color.  I got the Sketchplaid Tank last week.  I knew it was sheer, but really wanted it for the pattern and color to wear as a layering piece.   Are you channeling your inner Madonna style with the Hillview lace tee? Hee hee 
    The Tessa in chili is pretty!

    Those indigo ink tops are soft, and the shades of blue are top notch! I'm waiting for the long sleeve fall version, I think it may have some buttons but can't recall right now.  Did you see the cover up and shorts in the same colors? I'd like to get the shorts but didn't see them at the store, & am tired of stalking the website (I didn't just say that!).

    I'm heading back to the b&m for the orange sandals, and another whisper linen cardi in white -have you tried these? They are thin but feel really soft and nice, and a nice alternative to cotton, in my humble opinion.

    Thanks for the shopping trip, Andrea.  I thoroughly enjoyed it from the comfort of my couch. ;)

    1. I got very disappointed with the Sumerlight Terry pullover :-(, I thought the papaya was more neon....I don't know, don't like the fabric too.
      Aha! At least I had my "Madona" moment at the Madewell fitting room - LOL, but I like the lace top, in also tried another one very cute in the other day, but I passed on it b/c I got this one, as the Tessa top, love the color and I wanted this top for a while, but after all my buys, I need to make sure I really love it to wear a lot of times, but b/c of the long sleeves (on me ) I don't think I will.
      I cant wait to see what is coming in this indigo tee for fall! I didn't try this Linen cardi ...I really hope you find the orange Audra sandals. Why don't you order it from the red phone wight the store price? It's an option :-)


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