Monday, June 18, 2012

happy Monday!

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PS: It's on 30% off Sale with SHOPNOW at!
Happy Shopping,
and happy Monday!!!


  1. happy monday to you too!
    30% always helps make the day happy,even though they dont do %off promotions internationally:(.

    But they did a different promotion for int. customers that made me very happy(free ship till end of year!).

    i am very tempted by the maritime dress!

    1. Free shipping is very nice! I thought you get the same % we do, so sad...hope JC comes with some internationally promos soon!
      I really like the Maritime dress, I have the black stripes and just ordered the Anchor Maritime dress ( a bit more fitted than the other one imo), but for some JCA it runs big, I ordered my regular size S that I had tried it in store before, and the fit is good. Give it a try! Have a great day!

  2. It's still Sunday where I am but finally! What we've been waiting for ... a percentage off sale at JC! I'm hoping to be shopped out but checking to see what new things get added to the sale section.

    Very good advice. Happy Monday to you!

    1. ohhh, I did a good damage with the extra 30% off in stre, now I cannot even take a pick what they have add to the sale section... :-P
      Have fun and a great day! :o)


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