Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm devastated. - Enfermeira mata cachorro a pancadas !

I always believed in the goodness of people. 
Always trying to do the right thing, to smile, to be humorous,
 and I apologize when I think have hurt or have been rude to someone.

Last Tuesday I forgot my cell phone in a mall's restroom, and after reading my text and BBM requests to hand the phone to the mall security or to call to my house trying to arange any way to return my cell phone, the person (a WOMAM) decided not to do so and pobably even sold my cell phone (a Blackberry Bold to make what? $100 or $200?!
That's sad :-(
I was very upset with the gesture of a "woman" who usually is more generous, rational and sensible, and I didn't think that a "woman" would act with such coldness and contempt for what is not hers
Such a indifference to the lives of others.
Today I come across this video, made ​​by another "woman", believe it or not, called as a nurse, she committed a crime in front of her daughter! 
In fact two crimes of aggression. What is our world coming to with such indifferences and cruelties?

I am devastated.


  1. Don't be... I saw the news about the lady and the dog... I will not see the video.
    I am so sorry for your BB and I am also sorry for all the bad things that we see on the news... You have a good heart and soul and this is a beautiful world, we all exist because the good will always succeed. Believe me.:)

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  3. Elaine- Obrigada pelo alento, mas acho q vai demorar a passar esse sentimento triste, toda vez que olho para o meu Beethoven me pergunto "como alguem é capaz de tamanha crueldade com um bixinho tao indefeso ", que existe apenas pra trazer felicidade as nossas vidas, trabalho sempre vamos ter em tudo que nos propormos a fazer na vida, é preciso querer e fazer com amor.
    O mundo precisa melhorar.

  4. I am sad to read your post. You know what they say... karma is a... This woman will get hers, no worries.

    Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Rose, it is a very sad reality :-(
    Thanks for stopping by, hope you had a wonderful Christmas Day!

  6. Uhm, I just reconnected with your blog and this post was disturbing. I couldn't watch that video...what was she doing? Killing a dog? OMG that is awful. Obviously I didn't read about this either. Sorry about the loss of your phone. I can relate as our car was broken into in a stadium parking lot this summer, in broad daylight, nothing visible, as we are always told -but they went right to the glove box and console, of course, and took the new ipod touch, adapter to play it in the car, as well as our daughter's new GPS. Scums - probably sold hot on the street or online. I feel your pain.

    Happy New Year!! Let's remember all the good there is out there, and just pray for the rest.

  7. So so sad. How did this video even get on You Tube? Was it surveillance? Did she film it herself!? This is sickness. And you are right - it was all done in front of her daughter! Oh, this is so sad.


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