Monday, September 13, 2010

J.Crew Fashion Night Out IRL with Jenna Lyons

Now, let’s talk about Last Friday.
For my FNO I picked this outfit and what I normally do when I have a date with my DH in the city is take the train.

Well, I choose (with such great help from my bloggers) the Alecia suede peep toes, debuting in big style J. I didn’t want to take a chance of getting my feet hurt so I went to the event in my flat Oxfords (with my Alecia in my bagJ)

My DH was waiting for me at JCrew and was able to hold a spot in line for me to see Jenna (how sweet he is huh?).  DH said the event was packed and the managers of the event were kind enough to let him wait on line for me.

I got there after the Cocktails closed and everything was calm…Jenna was beautiful, I meet her while she was talking with another 2 JCrew party goers. I was so shy…lol My DH introduced me saying, “there she is, ladies…that’s my wife Andrea…” (I was RED in the face). lol
Everybody was very nice and Jenna…oh my, she is cool!
My DH introduced me to her and we had some nice short conversations about fashion and our children. I gave her my blog info so she can check out what I do. She is very down to earth, cool, gentle, beautiful and tall.

Jenna Lyons & me
She was so cool that she kneeled down a bit when my DH took a picture for me. She didn’t want me to look “short” on the picture.
Very sweet of her!
It was great, I was so nervous. You can probably see it in my face. lol.

After event the streets were calm and good for pictures

Because of the rush I was feeling, I couldn’t see anything to well after that because I was very excited about the whole thing and ready to go eat (I was starved!), but I checked out 3 items that I will share with everyone.

Dinner time me & DH at Bistro Les Amis

My DH also introduced me to J.Crew”s CEO Millard "Mickey" S. Drexler
I must say he also was very down to earth and easy to speak to. He told me he turned down taking a picture with vogue but if I promise not to publish he’d take a picture with me.
 Soooo because I promised and gave him my word not to put our pic on in my blog…that one will be for my album only…sorry everyone L.

To finish my fave dessert "Crème brûlée" (I shouln't and we share!) with a cappuccino, YUMY!

Now is time to go home...
I had to let this limo go on its way because...
I decided to go by train...KKKK

Hope you all enjoy my pics and poses…I had funJ
Thank you to my sweet  DH!

PS: In the end, all I have to say about Alecia Peep toes is that its very comfortable and it passed on the city test! I came back home on it with no pain…maybe because of those ankle socks? Who knows?



  1. OMG! That sounds like such a fabulous evening! Lucky lady!!! Your outfit looks great and how smart to wear the flats and then change. Always thinking!! Jenna is so beautiful but you look just as radiant. How fun!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hey Pam, it was a lovely night!
    Jenna, dinner, wine...the city was even more beautiful with a lot of fashion and fun people, always!


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