Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Night Out-Fitting Room

This is what I've tried at the fitting room on the Fashion Night Out :

These boots are beautiful and very comfortable.
I'll say it is TTS to a little bit bigger.
I couldn't resist trying this baby on after seening the PS wearing  it with a nice Mustard pencil skirt and green military ankle socks. She was gorgeous.
Looks high, but it is not too bad and it is comfy to walk in.
$98.00 $49.00 in-store
Oh boy...I wish this could have worked for me.
Size 2, fits well at the body but it is not for "busty" gals like me :-(
Size small
Gurly and totally cute!
Love it.
Sorry I didn't have a top to try this cardigan open...
Wow, I didn't take anything home last Friday :-(

That's all I could see last Friday night...
Anyone own some of those pieces?
Happy Monday!


  1. Those boots are so cute. I could never pull them off but am jealous of people who can! Hope you had fun at FNO!

  2. Very cute Andrea....but I had to leave it behind...I could not "carry" anything to my dinner-lol
    I had fun, thanks!


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