Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Because it still Summer...J.Crew & Boden

This is a randon outfit from a couple weeks ago that I didn't post and I want to share today my love for this white dress. 
Is it from...2008 or 2007? I don't really know, I got it through eBay and just love as much as I did when I first saw this cropped cardigan by Boden!  
The weather is gorgeous these days and I'm planning to wear this outfit againJ

Here the lovely dress:

White dress, Jcrew
Wedge sandals, Arezzo

I couldn't resist to grab a belt to see how 60's is
I don't have waist  at all to wear belts like that, but this cropped cardi inspired me.
Hope everyone is having a great week so far!


  1. I love the pairing of the longer dress and cropped cardigan! I love Boden. They have such great classic pieces. Kinda like the old school J.Crew!

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  3. Thanks Pam!
    I love Boden too!! :-)

  4. Amazing white dress, I found the same on this site Stylephotos


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