Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Sunday outfit - CAMO pants

 Last weekend was about Madewell and another weekend in a "camo" print fever!
Because I'm in the "camo" mode lately, it seems like I need to add something in camo on my outfit all weekend~LOL, but I really love this cropped rivington trousers in camo by Madewell, very comfortable and really gives you the fancy and relax look in the same time.
Loving my new Jcrew Factory pearls with the sparkling of the other necklace ~Jcrew inspired!
Pants & sweater: Madewell | jacket, bag & jewelry: Jcrew | shoes: Joe fresh
LOVE this pants, and in my hunt for the perfect pair I went after these pictures:
Stand out 
Elegant style 
Obsession - perfection!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Love your camo. Super cute on you but not sure if I could pull off this look!

    1. Thank you SC! I thought I could never or would wear pants in camo print, but it's easy and fun! Give it antsy ;-)

  2. Cute! I love camo pants too and have too many pairs :[ Recently, I got a pair from the boys' section that were loose and comfy, and inexpensive ;)

    1. Ohhh I opened a can of worms TR! I got me only this one for now, but found a nice jacket, sweatshirt and my last purchase is a iPhone case -?Oh my God! Lol thank you for stopping by!


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