Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spring sneak peak

Hello to all,

I got pictures of the Spring New Collection,

So many goodies to choose!

Cutout Floral Sweatshirt (# A2668)

Stretch Perfect Shirt (# 29866)

Fluted Skirt in Double Crepe, (# 03394)

Collection Nightgarden Floral Jacket (# A1439)

Classic Popover Shirt (#  A4095)

7” Chino Shorts (# 35756)

Sophie Small Crossbody Bag (# A2872)


Crepe Shift Dress (# 09584)

Teddie Satchel (# 09310)

New Balance for J.Crew 620 Sneakers (# 06690)


Flower Sleeve Sweater (# A1500)

Downing Tote (# A4399)

Woven Ikat Belt (# 09011)

5” Chino Short (# 68925)


Double-Stripe Crepe Top (# A0752)

Toothpick Jean in Tux Stripe (# A0790)

Floating Petals Necklace (# A5829)

Pearl Drop Necklace (# A5693)

Sloane Woven Leather Pump (# A1107)

I also LOVE the surf jacket and skirt from the picture bellow that Gigi posted about it :-)

The jacket reminds me the Varsity sweater jacket, and the skirt the Porcelain paisley Pencil skirt – don't they?! :)

I'm craving flowers lately, and some of my favorites are the Flower sweatshirt and the Flower sleeve sweater. 

I also like the shift dress with the new balance sneakers, hopefully I can grab one this time ;-).

What's your favorites of this sneak peak? 

Are you planing to pre order some of them.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Andrea,i cant see any of the pics!
    Maybe its my ipad?

    1. Oh no Ina, on my iPad too :-( let me try to add the pictures again.

  2. Me either! Thanks for posting, Ina Mack, I thought the problem was my PC.

    1. I think I fixed it :-) I can see the pics on my iPad and laptop :-) let me know girls!

  3. I can see it now!
    I like a lot of stuff,but need to see IRl:)
    Thanks for the pics Andrea,
    Btw.if you need the phonenumber from my factory to get the tipped boyshirt,let me know. I am sure they would ship to you.

    1. Yay! I like a lot of things too, but hopefully I will end with 1 or 2 ;-) love the surf jacket too! I'd live to have the phone of your factory store, let's see if I can get one! Thank you!!! You can txt me at PV or email me ;-) xoxo

  4. Love these picks. I like the cutout floral sweatshirt but I can skip the skirt since I have the porcelain paisley one already. I must have that flower sleeve sweater or is it a swetshirt. It would look gorgeous with white jeans so I hope it isn't too expensive. My luck it will crazy high. I have a talent for picking out the most expensive thing in the store. Thanks for sharing!


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