Monday, January 6, 2014

Hughes satchel in burgundy

I got the Hughes satchel in burgundy color for Christmas, the color is stunning!
Well, I hadn't  seen this bag in catalogs and online, and I was under the impression it was a little bigger- even knowning it has a similar measurements of the Brompton mini hobo.
I've been looking for a nice burgundy color handbag for a while, and this color is exactly what I was looking for, true to the website picture.
I have to confess that I got a bit disappointed at first look out of the box, it was really smaller than I expected!
But It has adjustable shoulder strap, which is a plus and " most of the time" necessary for me. Now,  It doesn't look to small in the picture :-).
Here as a shoulder bag, and just holding from the handles.
It doesn't look too small,  actually it's growing on me ;-).
Here wearing as  a crossbody bag ( it might be a little high for the tallers, the strap is for the shoulder, so it's not long) hanging whith straps from each side of the bag.
The leather is kind of hard/firm, I believe it's to keep the shape of an Origami- japonese folding paper art - making the bag looks big on the sides.
Here with the straps hanging from only one side of the bag, still holding the shape as it was full of papers.
Both ways look good, it depends of the taste of each if you...I think I'm in love with this bag again ;-).
Bellow is the Hughes Satchel and the Brompton mini hobo for comparison:
They have almost the same size, Brompton mini is higher and the soft leather makes it looks bigger than the Hughes satchel when wearing it.
Well,  I was about to return it, I just hold it to take pictures for this post, but I'm not sure anymore :-(
**keeper of not?!**
I'm glad I have some time to think, and it's not final sale :-) 
what do you think about the Hughes satchel? Have you seen it in stores or own one?!


  1. I love the satchel, although not sure it works as a crossbody. I'd probably get rid of the shoulder strap and use the handles instead. I loved this bag but never saw the burgundy IRL anywhere. It's beautiful! I'd definitely keep it.

    1. The burgundy color is so rich and pretty Rose :) I have 2 boys and crossbody is a comfy option for me. Which way this bag is very chic and simple, I might keep it ;)

  2. I almost got the Claremont in that same hue, I love the burgundy color paired with the gold hardware. I personally like the versatility of a bag that you can wear as a crossbody satchel and carry on your arm. I personally think "keep" but you've got some time to play and consider.

    1. The Claremont is so pretty, I have the purse in rococo red in my wish list :-) I love this one and the gold hardware makes it so chic...I might keep it - versatility is my style ;-) thnx for stopping by ;-)

    2. I love it! I dont own any Jcrew bags but, I think its a keeper:) I hate changing bags; I have a LV Winter bag and many others that are sitting and collecting dust! I dream of someday only carrying a wrislet;) I love your outfit in the top picture, are you dreaming of the warm weather????

    3. I have a huge problem H. With bags and shoes! I love bags and would have more if I could ;-) I have one LV that turned out small for me, that I'm planning to sell it and buy the speedy 35, I also love the NF with the yellow and red inside, have you seen it? See, I still thinking of other bags while debating to keep this one or not ;-P
      I'm done with this cold, Summer please!!! ;-)

  3. Hi - did you decide to keep it? I am pondering making a purchase too. I haven't seen the colour IRL. Do you think it's an all year round purse? I wear a lot of black, navy, greys, jeans etc.

    1. Hi Sunny, I kept the purse ;-) it's a very pretty color and definitely it's all year round purse. I've been wearing since then ;-)

    2. Thanks! I think I will take the plunge too!
      PS I have also been obsessing over the LV NF!

    3. It's a great price in stores -$160, and they still running the 50% off! I love LV, and the NF is so pretty, I cannot decide on which one or in between the Speedy 35, just need to start to build my $ ;-) let me know when you get the Hughes purse your thoughts ;P

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