Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quick B&M visit

Yesterday I was able to stop quickly to one of my favorites B&M after the beach, 
I didn't find anything I was looking for,
 but I tried on a few things ;-)
I like this pants, TTS and very sturdy. I'd buy it in a huge sale ;-)
I love the dark keeper online, specially the color.
Not so much irl and on me :(
Love it on Ina - that reviewed it on her blog- the light color was the one for me.
The Madewell Perfect chambray ex-boyfriend shirt in harvest wash (that I got for a song, right  next door!) has almost the same color as this dark keeper, and the Madewell Denim boy shirt in campground wash has the color glow as the keeper pictured  "online" :-)
-both are the greatest dark chambray shirts in my wardrobe, love them!-
Keeper Chambray dress-$118 ($98 online).
Size 6, very cute, not so short "on me" it would be a nice piece for fall and with leggings.
Size small
I like it, it is on my wish list, but I'd consider buying if hit sale.
It is a nice layer jacket, but I don't love the way it close in the front,
I'd have preferred button or zipper instead of that big bracket; it's pulling on my Chest area and its not tight at all.
And for last but not least a delicious ice cream to make our way home...
For me "no sugar added"! ;-)
Good stuff for the boys ;-)
LOVE to all!
Have a lovely day ;-)


  1. Thanks for the reviews!
    Too bad the kkeper in dark rinse wasnt for you,but love the dress on you.
    I cant wait to try on things at B&M too:)

    1. I love the Keeper Ina, I'm glad you have it :) I didn't feel it because I already have 2 nice ones from JCrew's sister :o) I can't wait to see your in store pictures on your blog!

  2. Between JCrew and Madewell, I felt like I was on chambray shirt overload last week! So many, in different shades, and button downs, snaps, and popovers -whew! :P I can see why you chose the Madewell tops. I like the 'bluer' shades, too.

    Did you change your hair? It looks nice and curly. The boys look happy to have their ice creams. :)
    Thanks for the reviews!

    1. You know, I went crazy when Sharon wrote me about the chambrays on sale + 40% off online a while back...I returned 2 and was able to add these 2 to my closet, so happy :) I almost ordered the JC popover (and I still have time...:P), but I have n old one.

      My hair is actually "curly" specially on Summer /beach time :) That makes my DH happy (he likes more curly), but Fall and winter I make my oldest son happier ' cause he prefers straight...hard to keep all my boys happy, and ice cream is always the right way to happiness!

      Thank you for the nice comments my friend :o)

  3. J Crew & all their repeats. Thanks for sharing great reviews! I like your curls, too :)

    1. Thank you Gigi, curl hair all the time on this Summer, but the weather seems to be changing so,,,I might get it straight soon :o)

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