Monday, July 22, 2013

Few weeks ago...

It was a beautiful Sunday, hot, sunny, and my boys had theirs friend party to go. The family is Portuguese/American, and my friend (mother of b-day girl) always mix the party with delicious sweets we make in Brazil and liittle appetizers like "coxinha" that kids love (me 2!).

Love this necklace, and I think it came out nice with the lace top.
This lace top is from Hollister, very cute especially the sleeves and bottom, but is short so I'm wearing same color cami by Express.
White denim Shorts: Jcrew/ Cece flats: Jcrew/ top: Hollister~cami: Express/ jewelry: Jcrew inspired
Here is my friend's cute dog, craving my food "coxinha"...poor thing ;-)
Kids got lucky with so many girls around to play ;-)
Have you all a great day!


  1. The necklace looks great with the navy lace top! and I am in love with your friend's dog!! :o)

    1. He is very cute, isn't he!? Thank you Andrea, I can't get enough of this necklace!

  2. The dog pic is so funny. You're looking good! This is a really cute look.

    1. Yes it is, he keeps staring on my food waiting for some piece to Thank you Gigi! This color combo is very nice and cute :-)


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