Saturday, January 5, 2013

old OOTD

while back in the city,
I stop at Rockefeller Center B&M location...
 Shirt, belt, skirt, jacket and bag - Jcrew; Hunter Regent boots 
 I love this shirt,
size 4,
I could say it's my favorite,
after the black tartan (last adiction to my plaid collection!)
$198 online
 TTS and very comfortable

Love this boots,
nice color and high.
 the cognac is very pretty and also in my radar :) 
 I also tried the Perfect shirt in black watch,
size 8,
I went one size up from my regular JC shirts,
and it's pretty fitted still.
I'd defenetly need a size 10 to acomodate my boobs comfortable!
The print is beautiful and the fabric is delicious!
Love this shirt, check Ina's review here!
size 4,
sheer mint color,
I believe it was $129 now $99 online.
 Pretty color,
and I'd prefer a petite size.
And that's all for now,
have you all a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi Andrea,thanks for the link love:)

    I received the merino boyfriend sweater yesterday and adore it so much i ordered another one.
    You have to try it!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Ina thanks! I heard about the Bf sweater, and the you loved it, and JV too! I'm excited to try, you sized down right? I might try my regular (im a busty gal) and see how it goes :-) did you the pixie pants? This is another one I've intention To try, I'm looking for a nice legging and the pixie looks firm and thick the way I like it! Enjoy ur wknd!

    2. I havent tried the pixies yet,but i it is on my must try list,haha.

    3. I don't recall trying the pixie before, but I saw it in stores and it's nice! :-)

  2. There's the pic I was looking for! The Aggies look really nice, Andrea! I picture them with the Pixie Pants, or skinny jeans/cords, and the Merino BF Sweater. You should be able to size down in the sweater. I'm going to try a size down but my main concern is length. There is plenty of fabric to accomodate your girls. ;)

    1. The Aggie is very nice JV! but now I've my eyes on the leather one, because I got (not ship ye so, not sure) the Mac's in mink color :-P
      I will see if I can try both sizes, because with leggings or pixie I prefer it longer...but I'm almost dorf anyways, XS might work LOL!

  3. I love boots too. Everybody look so good in the Hunter boots, I might have to get some ... love your first outfit, you look really great, casual and chic.

    Happy new year, Andrea!


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