Monday, January 28, 2013

last Sunday

and I couldn't wait to wear it!
 size Small.
This is a beautiful sweater,
 soft and genorous in size.
 I don't think I choose the right jewelry for this sweater,
 it's too heavy and I have boobs to speack of so...
 a light or short necklace would be better for the chest.
 It's a bit long on me, 
and the sleeves are loose (not fitted as seen on the model wearing the navy, red and grey color), 
which it looks better for layering with button down shirts.
  I like it that way,
but for some people Xsmall would be a better call.
 So comfy!
Nothing new in my JC bag, 
just a single return...snap this picture at Zara store,
Coat, scarf, sweater, boots, handbag and bracelet - J.Crew;
Pants - Express; Necklace - F21.
Have you all a lovely Monday!


  1. Love the sweater, and your entire outfit, Andrea!
    The boots were finally a match? ;)

    1. Thank you Sharon! Yes, the boots are finally a match with some changes...I need to send you a msg :o)


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