Monday, November 19, 2012

red obsession

I'm in a hunt for a nice flats in red color for a while,
I found this:
Sued loafers - Gap
Very comfy and sport look,
but I still need another red flats,
like all year around, 
and I don't think this loafer fits that purpose,
also not sure it will last long :P

 I decided to check on these:
Classic leather ballet flats,
color poppy,$98.00 - $59.99 in store,
color vibrant flame,
$99.99 - $79.99 in-store
First I got so excited to find it in store for a lower price,
but so disappointed with the chain :(
I'm wearing my regular size 8 in both shoes,
and the chain doesn't stay in place no matter how tight I make it to my ankle.
I really like this flats, and I want the chain stay straight as I have seen on others,
 as on Tweed and Toile that looks so pretty!
Also the SA also said that it doesn't look right so, 
she suggest a smaller size (I felt extra room on size 8, but nothing that bothers me)and brought me size 7.
7 fits too right to my taste (I mean it will kill me later for sure!),
and she finally found the last 7 1/2:
It feels perfect!
Much better right?
The Jayne in vibrant flame is a red color to the orange side,
and the Ballet flats in poppy color is more to cherry side.
Well everyone choose for the Jayne T-strap against the classic ballet flats in the store,
 so I took it with me :o)
I'm just scare to buy any shoes smaller than my normal size (but I wear 7 1/2 of Kenneth Cole shoes),
but there were no way to get it in my normal size,
hope I don't regret!
(still thinking about the ballet flats as another casual option!)
Next is about this pants in polka dots you are seen on the pictures:
 Toothpick in navy polka dots - not online yet,
funny is that I'm wearing a size 27 (my regular size in all pants, except lately in toothpicks),
 love this pants! Hate the price!
I've tried the one from Anthropologie with no luck,
this one is very comfortable!
Cece leather ballet flats in neon azalea,
$99 in store.
Perfect shirt in Ivory plaid$88
I'm wearing size 8 that I found on fitting room,
 and it is tight!
 Yes, you heard, its very fitted,
and I wouldn't mind to take a size 10 :P
Here is the Valentina pumps in rooftop red I just got this week:

I thought this is the perfect red for the black plaid pants!
what do you think?!
I believe it goes well with many of my stuff:

And this is what I've seen in the city:
Christmas tree almost read at Rockefeller Center
(Jcrew is right there on the right)
I don't know where this people came from... 
 Macy's at Harold Square

Finally some coffee :o)
Also I have a new parfum in my closet,
so soft and delicious! 
Isn't cute this bottle? 
And last but not least, OOTD:
I could not find my pearl long necklace,
so I add this one last minute.
head to toe - Jcrew. 
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I love red shoes too. I wish I was able to find the red valentinas for a good price in the store as others have but I don't shop in the stores ;( But I bought the Collection snakeskine valentinas in the strawberry color so that will do. For shoes you want to wear all the time, I like the ballet flat, less fuss to interfere with pants or pants design. I also like the slip on if you are in a hurry to dress ;) I also prefer cherry red to the more orange red but you have to see which shade of red is best for your wardrobe.

    Thanks again for your pictures, I love seeing New York. And you always look so good in your OOTD!

    1. The Valentinas has the right high for me, I wish I could buy all colors, as you I don't buy in stores that much, but I manage to go when the price are appealing! I like the classic ballet flats too, so easy and go with everything (just need to figure sizing on it), that's why I still contemplating them...just want something more fancy for now, but b/c they are different, it looks a good excuse to get both :o)
      Thanks for the sweet comment!

  2. love these pictures - so much fun! nYC in December is on my bucket list - have never seen the tree IRL!

    Love those red shoes! I wish the Valentinas worked for me - I love them so much! Too bad about the pearls - but there is always another shopping trip, isn't there?

    1. NYC is so beautiful, and this time of year is even more! She always makes my eyes light up!
      When you decide to come, I'm sure you will love the tree, the lights, and enjoy the stores (beloved JC) around her! Sorry that the Valentinas didn't work for you, it's the perfect high for me! I guess I'll need to shopping for a new pearl necklace for Christmas, oh yeah :o)


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