Tuesday, September 11, 2012

strolling in NYC

As I had some things to return at Pottery Barn, 
I decided to do it in the city, 
so I could walk around a bit by one of the areas I like in NY, Union Square, 
and complete with a quick stop by my favorite stores in Manhattan.
 I went almost head to toe Madewell:
Panama hat - J.Crew
 color white
love, love, love!
at MW I found the Indigo Ink Ombré tee on sale,
 -some store are running 20% off FS-
Size Small
size 26 - $59.99
super comfortable, 
I have it in jeans and love it.

size 28
Love the fit, 
but not the wash "for me",
 super comforable.
$69.99 - $59.99 in-store.

size XS,
I forgot it was FS, 
I wish I had look for the small to give the loose fit as in the model :P
Size XS (only one in store :-(
lovely sweater,
TTS imo, and I'd need a small.

size Small - $59.99
love, love, love!
size 28 - FP $98.50
Print is lovely,
the fit is great - slightly big - I may be able to go with the 27,
but I forgot to ask for.
  at J.Crew,
 I just tried the Cece ballet flat in tortoise,
 TTS, very comfy.
$79.99 in-store
Tee, skirt, sandals - Madeweel; hat, belt, jewelry and bag - J.Crew
Have a wonderful day!


  1. You look so nice Andrea! Alot of cute things at MW! I'm not down w/the polka dot craze but I really like the Dotted Anywhere Tee. My old, old, jeans, which I do wear down to the stream near my house, look like MW's. Ha, I wouldn't go anywhere in them! It's funny how people will pay for worn out washes & holes in jeans.

    Yesterday I took a bunch of stuff out of my closet & just tossed it in the donation bag. Pants, tops I've been hoarding for years, YEARS!! Even JCrew! Afterwards I thought to myself, 'I'm over it...I'm free of my addiction!'. Lol! So now I begin being very selective about what I buy. I feel embarassed having spent so much money on all those clothes that I never wanted to wear again. See, that's why I said what I said about the jewelry, you see where it might've went! :^O
    Have a great day & thanks for the reviews!!

    1. Thank you my friend! Md had a lot of nice stuff, but as you I must to go very selective with what I buy, I have way too much! It was a nice day in the city, end of Summer, such a mice weather!


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